Rutland bus exchange is a good idea being put in the wrong place

Re: Rutland Bus Exchange and extension of Shepherd Road.

To the editor:

Re: Rutland Bus Exchange and extension of Shepherd Road. The City of Kelowna is now starting this project, after demolishing at least three residential houses, to push through to Dougall Road North.

This area is primarily residential and after petitioning the city to choose another location for this bus exchange and speaking to head city officials and the former mayor, the city decided to go ahead anyway.

Why did the city not put this bus exchange on their city owned large lot on Roxby and where there is a traffic light already on the corner of Roxby and Highway 33?

I know that Rutland does need good bus routes, bus pullouts and perhaps the bus transit exchange, but I think the decision to disrupt and destroy our residential neighbourhood where there was no need to do so bears looking into.

My condo is a corner one which looks out directly on the area designated for this exchange. I am for the exchange but strongly oppose to the location.

Lorraine Schuck,