Smart meters potential health threats pose a concern

These meters emit biologically destructive pulsed microwaves every five to seven seconds.

To the editor:

There are some things that I would like to bring to the public’s attention that are of great concern to me in regards to the smart/advanced meters.

These meters emit biologically destructive pulsed microwaves every five to seven seconds that penetrate walls, windows, bone and internal organs.

Yes that’s right, every five to seven seconds, not three times a day that Fortis assured us of.

Once installed, these meters will create a smart meter mesh network, whereby data will be transmitted wirelessly from one smart meter to the next and to the next until all this data reaches a collection point/pole.

This data is transmitted via strong pulses of microwave signals. This is termed “net topology.”

So let me ask you something. How many homes are within a two to three-kilometre radius of your home, your kids and your pets?

Well, that is how many meters will be transmitting data via pulsed microwave signals into you, your kids and your pets.

That is the range of the smart meters strongest transmitter. Yes, there are two unsafe transmitters inside your smart meter.

Not only are you being bombarded by a 2.45GHz pulse every five to seven seconds from your meter’s transmitter, but every other house (with a smart meter) within two to three kilometers of your home is bombarding you with a pulse of varied intensity as well.

This form of wireless transmission disrupts cellular processes and is vastly more damaging to human health than even cell phones, because of the pulse, the cumulative effect and the continuous exposure .

The young and those of small body mass are even more vulnerable.

I believe this is a terrible assault on our health and well-being. Please attend the B.C. Utilities/Fortis community input sessions at the Best Western Plus Hotel, 2402 Highway 97, in Kelowna from 3 to 5 p.m. or 6 to 9 p.m. on Nov. 8.

Let the BCUC know that you do not want a smart meter. Remember, by doing nothing is giving consent.

Rory Kapchinsky,