Surprised by anger over religious letter

Kelowna - It is true that Christians are not perfect examples of Christ’s teachings

To the editor:

I am amazed at the level of anger expressed in response to the letter written by Mr. Ferguson. If everyone is entitled to their own opinion, be it politics, religion, education or lifestyle, why is it that when a Christian stands up for what he or she believes, those with differing opinions get all bent out of shape, reacting with extreme vitriol?

It is true that Christians are not perfect examples of Christ’s teachings. Life for everyone is a journey, it’s knowing where the journey leads that causes Christians to be concerned for those taking a different path. We have no desire to impose our beliefs on anyone. Though we do feel bad for those who vehemently ignore God’s love.

One day, the truth will be out on the theory of evolution but by then it won’t matter what or who we have put our faith in, we will all be held responsible for what we have decided to believe. In the meantime, please give the same courtesy to Christians that we give to everyone else. If you don’t like the good news we love to share with those who haven’t heard, you don’t have to accept it, nor do you need to get all nasty in your rejection of it. You remember the old adage; live and let live.

Alan Slater, Kelowna