Voting for/against parkade

Many of those I spoke with…don't understand how the alternative approval process works.

To the editor:

I apologize if I sound like I am harping on the issue of Kelowna city council’s decision to borrow $15 million to build parkades downtown, but after several conversations with friends, I came to the conclusion that I must speak out again.

Many of those I spoke with didn’t even know that the question has been asked. They also didn’t understand how the alternative approval process works.

The question itself is flawed. Council has basically rolled two questions into one. Many agree to expending $1 million to expand the well used parkade at the library, but they objected to expending an additional $14 million to build a new parkade, a block away.

Why can’t the proposed Interior Health Building include parking in their design? Should the city even be building parkades?

This raises the question, should council reconsider the question?

But, if you don’t agree with council’s parkade proposal, go the city clerk’s office on the third floor of the City Hall and request the alternative approval form. All forms must be submitted by Oct. 26. The alternative approval process is flawed because it relies on voter apathy. Saying nothing and it’s understood your potential vote is in favour.

Joyce Mainland,