Young NFL prospect overlooked by local media

To the editor:

To the editor:

Danny Watkins, a Kelowna native and Mount Boucherie Secondary grad, will be drafted into the NFL this year.

Watkins is listed as one of the top five guards in all of NCAA football and is projected to be drafted in the second round. Recently Watkins played in the Senior Bowl, where the best of the best of NCAA football talent showcase their skills for NFL scouts.

One of the teams interested in Watkins is the three-time Super Bowl champion New England Patriots. Considering the well deserved exposure Watkins is receiving south of the border (stories on and USA Today) I am surprised with the lack of coverage he has received in Canadian media, our local media especially. Maybe things would be different if Watkins was an NHL prospect.

It is time for the Canadian media to wake up. Every time I open a Canadian newspaper I have to flip through multiple pages of NHL hockey “highlights” only to find a few scant paragraphs of bare bones NFL coverage. It has been said that overcompensation is a sign of insecurity.

The NFL is the most profitable, and one of the most widely viewed sporting leagues in the world, far outweighing the NHL in both viewership and revenues. Perhaps the Canadian sports media is embarrassed to admit that our cherished national game barely registers on sports radar outside our borders.

We should be proud to have such a talented young athlete call Canada, and Kelowna, home.

Danny Watkins, I salute you. Our Canadian sports media may choose to ignore you, but I for one, do not.

You have done, and no doubt will continue to do your hometown proud. Your ascent from part-time West Kelowna firefighter to the upper echelons of the athletic atmosphere is nothing less than inspirational. Perhaps if this was the USA you would be honoured with a parade, or have a holiday named in your honour but being that we are the hockey-centric Great White North I am afraid this simple tribute is all you will receive in honour of your achievements. I wish you well in what I hope is a long and storied career in what is, in my humble opinion the greatest sporting league in the world—the National Football League.

Sean Airth,

West Kelowna