Big White Racers Jump Up at Provincials

20 to 30 spot improvements last weekend

  • Fri Mar 11th, 2011 10:00am
  • Sports

Big White Racer Seger Nelson rips down the race course at Panorama last weekend at the K2 provincial ski championships.

Kelowna ski racers performed well at the K2 Provincials for Giant Slalom and Slalom that were held at Panorama last weekend.

The Windermere Valley Ski Club put on a great race under sunny skies and good conditions.

Many skiers from the Big White Racers jumped up by as many as 20 and sometimes 30 placings in the event.

There were 74 women and 86 men competing from across B.C. at this four day event.

Thursday and Friday were the Giant slalom events while Saturday and Sunday  were the Slalom events. Results from Big White Racers were as follows:

Women’s Thursday March 3rd, 2 run combined GS 
Megan Moffat pulled of a 9th place with a time of 1.40.06

Olivia Kirby placed 19th with a time of 1.42.56

Men’s Combined GS

Seger Nelson placed 7th with a time of 1.38.24

Women’s Combined GS

Megan Moffat placed 11th 1.34.67

Men’s Combined GS

Seger Nelson placed 7th with a time of 1.31.20

Women’s Slalom Combined 
Megan Moffat 13th with a time of 1.42.14 
Kari McDonald 17th with a time of 1.44.53

Olivia Kirby 25th with a time of 1.47.30

Men’s Slalom Combined 
Seger Nelson 3rd 1.22.17

Avery Walline 27th 1.32.72

Men’s Slalom Combined 
Evan Kwong 23rd with a time of 1.34.47 
Avery Walline 30th with a time of 1.36.47