Medal haul in Chilliwack for Kelowna skaters

Kelowna Skating Club has 14 podium finishes at Super Series Autumn Leaves competition

  • Sun Oct 25th, 2015 3:00pm
  • Sports

Kelowna Skating Club's Abbey Reiter won her division at the Super Series Autumn Leaves competition in Chilliwack.

The Kelowna Skating Club and Centre of Excellence sent 31 local skaters to Chilliwack last weekend for the Super Series Autumn Leaves competition and came home with 14 medals.

Leading the way was Abbey Reiter, 15, who scored 28.7 points in winning the gold medal in the Senior Silver Women’s division.

In the Junior Men’s event, Kelowna’s Kelly Basisty won both the short and free program segments to win the gold medal.

Similarly, 12-year-old Olivia Gran won both segments to win group 1 of Novice Women.  Her total score of 111.87 points was a personal best.

The local team also displayed its depth at the Pre-Juvenile Women under 11 level, as Malayna Lesko and Emily Sales won the gold medals in groups 1 and 3, respectively.

Meanwhile, Zoe Wu struck gold in group 3 of STAR 5 Girls under 13, while Aurora Schultz did likewise in group 2 of the Introductory Interpretive event.

Next up for the Kelowna Skating Club is the BC and Yukon Sectional Championship in Coquitlam in November.

Here are the full results:

• Senior Women: Julianne Delaurier 3rd

• Junior Women: Rachel Pettitt 3rd; Ajsha Gorman 4th; Olivia Marleau 6th; Renee Lim 9th

• Junior Men: Kelly Basisty 1st

• Novice Women group 1: Olivia Gran 1st

• Novice Women group 2: Emma Bulawka 2nd, Madison Delcourt 5th; Lotta Laine 9th

• Pre-Novice Women group 1: Daria Carr 4th; Summer Peitsch 5th; Alyssa Dobbs 6th

• Pre-Novice Women group 2: Ashley Sales 2nd; Maya Rose 3rd; Mikayla Kramer 4th; Kaiya MacLeod 12th

• Juvenile Women U12 group 1: Vienna Harwood 2nd

• Juvenile Women U12 group 2: Julia Crowther 3rd; Abby Bulawka 5th

• Juvenile Women U14 group 1: Madeline Foley 4th

• Pre-Juvenile Women U11 group 1: Malayna Lesko 1st; Katie Jones 8th

• Pre-Juvenile Women U11 group 2: Brooklyn Cowen 3rd; Kiera Atkins 7th

• Pre-Juvenile Women U11 group 3: Emily Sales 1st; Taiya Knight 8th

• Senior Silver Women: Abbey Reiter 1st

• Star 5 Girls U10: Dar’ya Krylova 5th

• Star 5 Girls U13 group 1: Aurora Schultz 6th

• Star 5 Girls U13 group 3: Zoe Wu 1st

• Star 4 U 13 Girls group 3: Amy Richardson 6th

• Introductory Interpretive group 2: Aurora Schultz 1st