Old boys win, old boy retires at annual Ensign Cup

Long-running charity rugby game held on the weekend in Kelowna raises money for youth rugby

Played on a terribly hot afternoon the annual Ensign Cup rugby match was was shortened to four 15 minute quarters from two 40 minute halves.

Featuring the yearly battle between the an over-30 team and an under-30 squad, the old boys had six spares in the game while the young fellas could only muster a single spare.

At the half it was still a game with the old boys up 21-15 but the heavier scrum prevailed in the second and despite a few gallant runs by the under 30’s the old boys finished victorious 54-27.

Tries for the old boys Dempsey with three, Eddie Pyl had two, Mertah, James Cannahan and Sam Stringer all with one. Eddie Pyl went six for seven in converts with Ben Pellet adding one. For the losing side Curtis Killmarten scored two tries with Jake Pillon, Danny Illichman and Johab Campbell all scoring one. The lone convert was kicked by Rick Schouten.

The long-running rivalry now sits at 17 wins for the over 30 crew and 15 wins for the under-30s, along with three draws.

This year featured a retirement from the game as after serving 32 games out of 34 prior Ensign Cups, George Curran finally hung up the boots at the age of 54 and became a spectator. Curran was the last player to play with Rusty Ensign, the name-sake and organizer of the game.

Honourable mention goes to Bob Monaghan at 47 to be the oldest player and Chris Ward for refereeing the game. Special thanks to past Crows’ presidents and players Jeremy Harris and Jeff Findlay along with former players Mike Geddes, Wes Polak and Shaun Klotz for attending.

The game is a fundraiser for youth rugby and $700 was raised for the cause. Attendance was down and organizers may move the game back to June next year to allow more youth to play.

Proceeds go to the Kelowna Crows U-14 team.


The annual Ensign Cup was won by the old boys on a hot Saturday afternoon. - Image: Douglas Farrow

The annual Ensign Cup was won by the old boys on a hot Saturday afternoon. - Image: Douglas Farrow