Slauson earns karate Grand Champion status

Kelowna Karate & Fitness Inc. hosts annual Fall Kelowna Karate Championship Cup.

  • Sat Nov 19th, 2016 4:00pm
  • Sports

Maya Slauson (left) receives the Kelowna Karate Cup as the Grand Champion from Paul Atkin

With only one point separating each of the top three athletes, Maya Slauson earned the status of Grand Champion at the Fall Kelowna Karate Championship Cup.

Hosted by Kelowna Karate & Fitness Inc., Slauson finished the tournament with four gold medals and one silver medal.

Annika Ayudtod finished a close second to Slauson, while Liam Friesen placed third.

Paul Atkin is the head instructor and owner of Kelowna Karate & Fitness Inc.

“As their Sensei, it’s always such an enjoyable process to see their dedication come in to play to practice at the dojo on their own time,” Atkin said of the three athletes.

“Pushing themselves harder each week and living by the Dojo motto ‘Shin-gi-tai’. Translation: Technique defeats strength, but spirit dominates everything.”

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