Strong showing in Burnaby by Kelowna skaters

Kelowna Skating Club members rack up 14 medals at Summerskate event

  • Wed Aug 31st, 2016 12:00pm
  • Sports

Kelowna Skating Club's Daria Carr was a winner in the pre-novice women's division at the Summerskate in Burnaby.

The Kelowna Skating Club showed its skill and depth at the 2016 Super Series BC Summerskate last weekend in Burnaby.

Twenty-eight local skaters travelled to the second stop of this season’s Super Series to compete with top skaters from B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario.  The Kelowna team won 14 medals, including six gold.

A highlight occurred at the Pre-Novice Women’s level, with Kelowna skaters winning two of the three competitive groups.

In group 1, Daria Carr, 12, won both of her segments and finished with 97.44 points. Her score was a personal best, as well as the highest posted of her level at the event.

In group 2, 11-year-old Vienna Harwood took the gold medal with a score of 86.07.  Her club mate Maya Rose finished second.

The Kelowna Club also dominated at the Juvenile Women under-12 division, sweeping the gold medals in two of the three groups.

Malayna Lesko won group 3 with a score of 29.77 points, while Emily Sales won group 2 with a 26.92 points finish.  Brooklyn Cowen won bronze in group 1.

At the Novice level, Emma Bulawka won silver in group 1, while Mikayla Kramer won bronze in group 2.

Also winning gold for the Kelowna team were Olivia Trampuh at the Star 10 level and Lauren Viau in group 3 of Star 4 under-13 girls.

At the Junior level, Mckenna Colthorp won the silver medal, while Paige Edgar (Star 5 Girls under 13 group 2) and Gabrielle Jugnauth (Star 4 Girls under 10 group 1) did likewise.

Rounding out the medal wins was Taiya Knight in group 2 of Pre-Juvenile Women under 13.

Here are the full results:

Senior Women Short:  Rachel Pettitt 3rd

Junior Women Group 2:  Mckenna Colthorp 2nd; Ajsha Gorman 5th

Novice Women Group 1:  Emma Bulawka 2nd

Novice Women Group 2:  Mikayla Kramer 3rd; Ashley Sales 5th

Pre-Novice Women Group 1:  Daria Carr 1st; Julia Crowther 11th

Pre-Novice Women Group 2:  Vienna Harwood 1st; Maya Rose 2nd; Maddy Foley 12th

Pre-Novice Women Group 3:  Abby Bulawka 8th

Juvenile Women under 12 Group 1:  Brooklyn Cowen 3rd; Kiera Atkins 8th

Juvenile Women under 12 Group 2:  Emily Sales 1st; Katie Jones 10th

Juvenile Women under 12 Group 3:  Malayna Lesko 1st; Mackenzie Nelmes 9th

Pre-Juvenile Women under 13 group 1:  Aurora Schultz 6th

Pre-Juvenile Women under 13 group 2:  Taiya Knight 3rd

Star 10 Girls:  Olivia Trampuh 1st

Star 6 Girls:  Jenna Penner 9th

Star 5 Girls under 13:  Paige Edgar 2nd

Star 5 Girls 13 and over:  Amy Richardson 9th

Star 4 Girls under 13 Group 3:  Lauren Viau 1st

Star 4 Girls under 10 Group 1:  Gabrielle Jugnauth 2nd; Konstantina Lock 4th; Megan Yudin 6th.