Darrell Manderson is a strong advocate of the philosophy behind the motionball Marathon of Sport. -Image: Contributed

Unique sporting event raises funds for Special O

Kelowna’s motionball Marathon of Sport set for Sept. 23

Young professionals across the Okanagan will come together this September to raise money for an important cause—Special Olympics—through a fun day of social sports.

For those who participate, however, the event has a much greater purpose in our community.

For Darrell Manderson, a passionate, inspired team member and consistent supporter of Kelowna’s motionball Marathon of Sport, motionball is a lot more than a sporting event. It is an opportunity to make the athletes feel special and a day where team members become connected with the impact of giving.

“First and foremost it is for the athletes,” says Manderson. “motionball raises awareness for an organization that better’s the lives of those with intellectual disabilities. And we all get to experience, firsthand, the impact it is having on athlete’s lives.”

motionball Marathon of Sport is an event where participants play a series of fun, non-competitive social sports alongside Special Olympic athletes, while raising money to ensure the long-term sustainability of the Special Olympics movement.

One of the goals of motionball is to connect young professionals with the impact of giving to inspire the next generation to give back to community.

Manderson has a personal connection with the health industry and knows the importance of living healthy and active both mentally and physically.

“I am a nurse and know that it is great to give back and foster that wellness in somebody,” Manderson said. “I get to see the other side when someone isn’t well, and I like motionball because it is seeing people when they are active, they’re healthy, they’re happy, they’re engaged and they’re participating in community.”

To top it all off, the event and the people it attracts are fun.

“This event attracts people who have good energy who are looking to make a positive impact and who have spirit towards the mission, which is to raise awareness and to and celebrate the athletes,” he exclaimed. “We are in it for the fun. That is why our team name is the Fire Breathing Unicorns,” he said with a laugh.

Manderson emphasized that the event is not a day of competitive sports; it is all about the athletes and having a good time.

“We really just want to enjoy the day and make sure our athlete is getting what they expected out of it,” he explained. “We want to have that inclusive feeling and make sure they are engaged. We don’t want the athletes to feel shut out or left out so we make sure it isn’t competitive.”

motionball Marathon of Sport Kelowna on Sept. 23 engages local young professionals in a day of non-competitive sports alongside Special Olympic Athletes. It is a fundraising event raising money for Special Olympics British Columbia and Special Olympics Canada Foundation.

Learn more and register at motionball.com.