Allan Coyle

Coyle: Important to get young people to vote

There and great reasons…to get students to register to vote and then to exercise their franchise.

Coyle: Registered and practical nurses are in demand

There’s an array of different types of nurses and nursing specializations including registered nurses and licensed practical nurses.

Long-time college nursing instructor recognized for her work

Okanagan College's Bev McNamara praised for teaching career.

Coyle: Columnist incites debate on post-secondary investment

An interesting discussion flared in the media recently that probably generated more interest among college and university employees and attendees than it did among the general public.

Coyle: Change will remain a consistent fact of life for students

If you’re of my generation—part of the babyboom—you spend some of your leisure hours commenting about how much change we’ve had to adapt to over the course of our lifetimes.

Coyne: Study confirms good readers do well later in life

Some things you just know. They’re common sense.

Coyle: Closing the gap on shortfall of science and math aspirants

This year has been deemed the Year of Science by British Columbia’s government. I was reminded of that several times recently, as late as Thursday.