Amber Krogel

Krogel: Busy vibe hard for summer

I no longer have an excuse. I am faced with the uncomfortable realization that I am simply a huge procrastinator.

Krogel: Being productive in an Okanagan summer

Seeing tourists having a good time makes columnist Amber Krogel have to fight to remain productive rather than go to the beach.

Krogel: Growing up doesn’t mean losing your inner child

Right now, I’m in a rare position where I can enjoy many of the benefits of adulthood without all of its responsibilities.

Krogel: Summers here are ‘the best’

'University' is the best excuse ever for just being bone lazy.

Krogel: Computerized attachments bring out the robot in me

Even when I’m surrounded by people, a thin, white cord stretches all the way from my new robotic body part up to my ears.

Krogel: Slow down for free time

If all of us were making the most of life, each of our lives would probably look very different.

Be courageous to try new things

I’m sad to say that today will be the last time I write this column.

Minding our manners when riding the bus

Riding Kelowna’s transit system (I have) experienced feelings and frustrations that I have not encountered since I was 15.

Krogel: Finding your inner Olympian–one chocolate bar at a time

While my family enjoys watching the Olympics, we share bitter feelings that the athletes correspond more to demigods than human beings.

Krogel: Party line votes in Parliament reflect social group dynamics

Despite the external celebrations, there were many Conservative MPs who stood in opposition to various aspects of Bill C-38.

Kroger: Gear down for summer lifestyle

Since school ended a couple weeks ago, the atmosphere of self-importance and narcissism in my bedroom has significantly diminished.

Krogel: End of high school both a sad and exciting time for grads

The days are growing longer and I am increasingly having difficulty paying attention in class instead of daydreaming about the beach.

Krogel: Sad to say goodbye to friends

Summer for graduating Grade 12 students can be tough as classmates move on to other career or education challenges outside the Okanagan.

Krogel: Don’t let a problem sideline a positive attitude towards life

The other day I happened to overhear a conversation between two family members.

Krogel: Relationships can be tricky business

There seems to be as many different perspectives towards Valentine’s Day as there are people.

Krogel: Appreciate the beauty that surrounds us

As I write this column, the view out my window is showcasing a fog that clings to the trees.

Krogel: Lack of snow cuts down on winter leisure activities

For many people, the current cold weather makes this the best time of year.

Krogel: Exercise offers a health reward worth pursuing

The overeating I did over Christmas and Boxing Day are fading out of my memory, making New Year’s resolutions actually seem feasible.

Break from grind of school work and spending time with family welcomed

As the last week of school winds down before Christmas break, I can’t say I am filled with anything other than excitement for Christmas.

Krogel: Transitioning out of high school

This week, I presented the notoriously stressful graduation transition plan.