Annie Hopper

Hopper: Overcoming depression and anxiety

Columnist Annie Hopper says recovery from anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder is possible.

Hopper: Symptoms of depression can be lifted

Dynamic Neural Retraining System can help lift physical and mental symptoms.

Hopper: Sometimes love really does conquer all

A battery of tests confirmed that she was pretty much allergic to everything.

Hopper: How your environment can negatively affect your brain

My deepest desire is to be a strong voice for hope and healing for those who suffer from environmental illness.

Hopper: Living life beyond your wildest dreams

Well, you can only imagine how happy Forest was when she started noticing a decrease in her symptoms and a change in her sensory perception.

Hopper: Over-activated stress mechanisms

When we are in a fight or flight response, our brain releases neurochemicals that allow us to track and protect ourselves.

Hopper: Healing powers of the brain sometimes hard to grasp

Due to plummeting blood pressure and increased heart rate when upright, Lauren could no longer sit up straight or stand.

Hopper: Separating genuine cures from the placebo effect

But doesn’t it make sense that we should be researching how the placebo effect works?

Hopper: Trauma alters brain and can lead to chronic illness

Psychological, emotional, physical, viral, bacterial and chemical stress have a direct impact on brain function.

Hopper: How a new dream home morphed into a toxic nightmare

The toxins that were being released from these products were unknowingly making her sick.

Hopper: How we can become unfamiliar even to ourselves

When the emotional area of the brain is not functioning properly, it can make us think and feel in ways that may be shocking to us.

Hopper: Emotional transparency can prove to be a powerful gift

One of my favorite authors, Debbie Ford…wrote many best-selling books and the one that stands out for me is The Secret of the Shadow.

Hopper: Training the brain to help transform your health

Damage to any neural circuits within the limbic system can cause pain and skew the brain’s perceptions.

Hopper: We truly can enjoy a wonderful life

With Christmas fast approaching, I thought I would share a story with you that I hope touches your heart as it did mine.

Hopper: Furry little canine’s lesson in life takes on new meaning

Bella would look up at me with her tongue hanging out, her eyes clearly stating: “Throw the frog…throw the frog!”

What we can learn from our dogs

Pet canine creates opportunity for laughter and a path to rewire columnist's limbic system functions.

Hopper: Slowing down in a land far, far away

Having never been to a castle before, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Not to mention that I had a month long wardrobe crisis beforehand.

Hopper: Take the time to help yourself balance your life

With a busy work schedule, it seems as though the days morph into weeks and before I know it an entire month can come and go.

Hopper: Laughing at ourselves mutes the ills that pain our lives

It dawned on me as I was watching Dancing With the Stars—the dancers always make their performances look so easy.

Hopper: The benefits of choosing rose-coloured glasses

Choosing to focus on the positive aspects of life can seem very difficult when we are constantly faced with challenging situations.

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