Ceinwen Morgan

Morgan: No recession in sight for local housing market

Whispers that inventory is soon to climb has been motivating sellers to get realistic on price.

Morgan: Housing sales momentum still spreading

A recent client though there was an abundance of matches for her, until she realized just how hot the Kelowna real estate market is.

Morgan: Multiple offer sale scenarios starting to occur

The sales statistics for April reflect the continued predicted increasing sale numbers.

Morgan: Black Mountain neighbourhood expanding

With a wide range of housing costs, Black Mountain is home to many families of different ages.

Morgan: Where are the real estate home sellers?

Real estate agents’ phones are now ringing with anxious buyers looking to find that perfect suited home for themselves.

Morgan: Golf course lifestyle living in the Okanagan

Take the plunge into home ownership now and start living the Okanagan dream.

Find affordable neighbourhoods in Upper Mission

As competitive as the Upper Mission market is, there are deals to be found.

Morgan: House hunting for the perfect home

My sister doesn’t simply want to put her children in front of the TV but rather have them interacting with one another.

Morgan: Housing sales show signs of revival

While inventory is remaining on the low side, potential home buyers are now…finally jumping off the fence to buy.

Morgan: Teaming up to help families in need

Over the next few days Mark Ranger and Trevor Tremblay will collect non-perishable items to donate to the Familes Feeding Families program.

Morgan: Transition for first-time buyer

The transition from renter to home owner starts with seeking out the support of a real estate agent and mortgage specialist.

Tyson Wokoeck with ReMax in the kitchen of a Trumpeter Ridge home that his group

Morgan: Auction tested for luxury home sale

I wanted to find ways to step aside from the traditional ways of marketing… Tyson Wokoeck

Tyson Wokoeck with ReMax in the kitchen of a Trumpeter Ridge home that his group

Morgan: Market seeing educated buyers and sellers

One has to wonder when and if housing market concerns will ever be resolved without the constant reminder that our economy is still at risk.

Morgan: Winds of change result in making career move

Home hunters to get back on the phone with their real estate agent, start to compile a list of homes to view before the snow comes.

Morgan: Wilden project has embraced natural setting

New regulation are now utilized in all hillside developments in Kelowna.

Morgan: August bullish for housing sales

The traditional slower fall and winter months for real estate activity are now before us.

Morgan: Back to school effect on real estate market

Home buyers with children are willing to pay one per cent to 10 per cent above budget to live within their preferred school boundaries.

Morgan: Renovations may assist in selling your home

Looking into some cost-friendly renovations is one way to help you sell your home.

Morgan: Buyers still hold upper hand in Kelowna

As we are starting to see an increase in sales one has to wonder just for how long this active buyers market will remain in play.

Morgan: Luxury real estate left hanging in the balance

Will we continue to see luxury real estate pick up, or will the market for million-plus home continue to flat-line.