Charlie Hodge

Hodge: Sharing is a mixed bag of sorrow and frustration

Kirk Hammill’s cheerful demeanor and lust for life helped create the wonderful energy of Jonathan Segal’s pub.

Hodge: Efforts of recipients uplifting

Anyone suggesting today’s youth are not involved or aware of the world around them…should attend civic awards banquet for…reassurance.

Charlie Hodge.

Hodge: Applauding the Kelowna Civic Awards

Annual civic awards banquet celebrates the best of what so many Kelowna residents do for their community.

Charlie Hodge.

Hodge: Making connections at backyard BBQs

I wonder if Cliff and Daphne are going to have a summer barbecue soon? I may need an electrician or plumber soon.

Hodge: Habs mystique rises in handling of John Scott

The Hab's gesture honouring Scott personifies why they are considered to be one of the most classy professional sports teams in the world.

Hodge: Time to start digging in the garden

Not only is Easter a chance to visit with family and friends, but also the opportunity to turn some turf.

Hodge: Recycle Lego pieces buffered with a few Timmys

“Let's build a wall…It will be crafted by Lego bricks…from sea to shining sea."

Charlie Hodge

Internet access helps organize our leisure time

Kelowna News: The Revanant altered plans for a relaxing night out at a local theatre to watch a movie for columnist and his wife.

Charlie Hodge

Hodge: Columnist sends out a special Valentine of thanks

Tez constantly does the work of two while pretending the stress and extra work is not a big deal.

Hodge: Fairy tale did come true for controversial NHL all-star

Somewhere along the line some fans with a bent sense of humour decided to vote John Scott onto the NHL All-Star Game team.

Hodge: Cruzeros singer’s birthday bash a magical concert

…the crowd was spellbound by the musical magic coming from the tiny stage.

Hodge: A new year means new hopes and new dreams

Many folks greet the end of a year with welcome relief suggesting they are, “glad that one is over.”

Hodge: Gifts of kindness and generosity overwhelming

I am blessed for hearing or seeing kind, caring actions by others making the world a brighter, happier, safer place to be.

Hodge: Open your arms to the celebration of Christmas

It’s accurate to refer to the current scenario at the House of Hodge as training camp for Christmas.

Hodge: King Justin’s cabinet mixed Canadian political salad

Trudeau blended a multicultural collection of veteran and rookie politicians, and spread cabinet positions fairly even across the nation.

Hodge: Awareness raiser for youth in need takes a break

…after 10 years we’ve decided to take a break and put our dwindling energies to other things than Night of the Arts.

Hodge: Strap on your helmet for a bumpy ride ahead

Few pundits foresaw the giant popularity shift that impacted historically predictable communities such as Kelowna.

Hodge: Senseless behaviour by bottle throwing baseball fans

Baseball groupies are not the only idiots who purchase tickets and then act like morons.

Hodge: NHL prognosticator offers predictions for this season

…while you are busy reading this I am likely wringing my hands in glee knowing once again I will be winning the media hockey pool.

Hodge: Electrical meltdowns can prove a unsettling

When it comes to anything technological, mechanical or electrical, I am best to keep a very safe distance…