Charlie Hodge

Hodge: When it’s your house, firefighter gratitude skyrockets

I can’t find enough superlatives of praise to express my full gratitude.

Charlie Hodge

Hodgepodge By Charlie Hodge

Encounter with car fire near home leads to renewed thanks for firefighters.

Charlie Hodge

Life’s about change—it’s your choice on how to handle it

The changes are not a case of better or worse, they are simply change. Something different. Something new.

Hodge: Americans remain unmoved by tragic shooting

The callous truth is that despite the public outcry and the political posturing, absolutely nothing will change.

Hodge: Bombarded by negativity in social media world

Ragging on or publicizing someone’s angry vileness hardly serves any valid purpose other than to perpetuate the problem.

Hodge: Some (tongue-in-cheek) advice for tourists

Here are a few local quirks you should be aware of, followed with a list of my favourite places to go, see, do, or eat.

Hodge: A minnow on the water? Not when you help the mighty

After exchanging high fives and all of us giggling at the irony and absurdity of the situation, we pushed off…and drifted away…

Hodge: Raft Of The Medusa wins over local audiences

Creators Pat Brown and Randall Robinson have every reason to be ecstatic with pride.

Hodge: Doing our part to control destructive wrath of forest fires

It takes a tremendous sense of focus, determination, toughness and competition to be a forest fire rap attacker.

Hodge: Fixed cat maintains prickly attitude

…the little red rivulets of blood were already forming on my forearm and fingers before she even withdrew her paw…

Hodge: Cat poses fiery mother instincts

Scaredy Cat may look loving and cute but that’s a con job. She is one mean mother.

Hodge: ‘Go Leafs Go’ chorus may find old members next season

There is something comforting about Canada’s iconic hockey franchise making such a significant move on the nation’s birthday.

Hodge: Recognition for residential school survivors

To this day, the cruel, barbaric and racist disregard for others continues to have its impact.

Hodge: Lessons from our fathers catch up to us in time

One article, however, fully snagged my attention. It was dad’s official 1969 candidate statement in the Capital News.

Hodge: Babcock savior for the Leafs? That remains to be seen

I have a sneaking hunch despite his huge contract, Kessel is taking a jet plane somewhere soon.

Hodge: Draisaitl makes his big presence felt for Kelowna Rockets

Draisaitl reminds me of Russian star Evgeny Malkin when he played in the World Junior Championships here many years ago.

Hodge: Musical with a big wow factor

Raft of the Medusa has the potential to be as epic a stage performance as it is a story.

Hodge: Passing of aunt loss of a champion

Next to my dear mom, no one was there for me like Rae, without question.

Hodge: Rita Milne a community leader who will be missed

Rita was not only a good friend to me, she was also a tremendous friend to the city of Kelowna.

Hodge: Driving around our province is a spellbinding experience

Last week I survived a one-day return trek to Vancouver while today I pen my column from inside a gorgeous, fairy-tale-like mansion…