Charlie Hodge

Hodge: Fun times when papers played April Fools pranks

Don’t look now, but here comes Wednesday, when delivering the proverbial leg-pull is better fun than receiving one.

Hodge: Shepherd’s Pie cooking duel for Habitat for Humanity

The culinary competition is just one example of the fun funding frivolity planned for March 26 in Peachland.

Hodge: Councillor ready to chat with Kelowna taxpayers

'Chat with Charlie' sessions will resume on Friday afternoons at different locations from week to week.

Hodge: Happy Canada Flag Birthday—if anyone really cares

There has been more noise made by Canadians regarding our flag during various periods in our history than on its recent birthday.

Hodge: It’s downright tough being a Leafs fan

Despite my last 47 years of denial and rejection of the team…I must admit to having never completely given up on them.

Hodge: Lessons learned while ‘incarcerated‘ at KGH

Lives are at serious risk not because of the quality of health care…but by the absurdly short supply of help they get.

Hodge: Team bungled handling of jerseys tossed on ice

The sweater tossing incidents were not connected other than by a shared displeasure at the Maple Leafs’ on-ice performance.

Hodge: Tough time for Toronto Maple Leaf fans

Leaf fans throwing jerseys on the ice making a statement about the team's absymal record this season.

Hodge: A few more angels to acknowledge

Christmas is a great time to celebrate our many ‘angels.’

Hodge: Angels who live in our community

Here are some of your nominations for Charlie's Christmas Angels list.

Hodge: Embracing the familiar surroundings of Kelowna City Hall

A sense of feeling like I’m back where I belong…Sometimes it feels like I was never really gone.

Hodge: Yulies drenched in Christmas cheer

I am a Christmasolic. I suppose with treatment it would be curable; however, I am in no hurry to seek that sort of assistance.

Hodge: Election campaign takes its toll on all candidates

Wow, that was six hectic weeks that went by in a flash, yet seemed painfully slow in the process.

Hodge: Veteran offers some closure on WWII loss of an uncle

…the odds that a surviving veteran living so close not only saw my uncle die, but read my column 70 years later is halting.

Hodge: Night of the Arts reminder

This is a wonderful group who make a huge difference in our town and deserve your support.

Hodge: Musical lineup filling out for annual Metro fundraiser

The Trip’s have agreed to play the final spot for Night of the Arts, set for Nov. 7 at the Kelowna Community Theatre.

Hodge: End of Beyond 50 magazine bitter sweet

The blood, sweat, and tears brainchild of Laurel D’Andrea, Beyond 50 was a vibrant, informative, and effective publication.

Hodge: Interest in running for council heating up

So far, 30 nomination packages for councillor and 14 for mayor have been picked up. Oct. 10 is the deadline to file them with City Hall.

Hodge: Getting ready for Night of the Arts

When I assured him the current night of music had only just begun he just grinned and sank deeper into his lawn chair.

Hodge: A vacation gem discovered

Artist extraordinaire, Tia-Maria Soroskie more than a smiley face at the board table of the Bridge Youth and Family Services.