Charlie Hodge

Hodge: Final thoughts on comic genius

Fundraisers: The Chretien Memorial Golf Tournament is set for the Mission Creek Golf Course on Sept. 6.

Hodge Constantly searching for the light in the dark side of life

As his encore we have a better understanding or awareness of his quiet disease.

Hodge: Passion for fighting old causes rekindled by mine spill

Sadly, neither of us was overly surprised when the tailings pond disaster at Imperial Mines took place in the Cariboo.

Hodge: Possibilities for where tourists can spend their money

Here are a few local quirks you should be aware of before a list of my favourite places to go, see, do, or eat.

Hodge: Take the time to enjoy a local summer

Being born and raised in the valley…it is my inherent residential right to froth, vibrate and fume about everything.

Hodge: Finally, a good way to judge reader numbers

And wading through the murk of City Hall government-speak.

Hodge: Back on the Canucks bandwagon

Linden brought in Jim Benning and the new GM has had a significant impact.

Hodge: Challenges ahead for new Canuck coach

Desjardins holds a relatively impressive record in the hockey having coached at most levels.

Hodge: Prevent brain injuries: Use your brain and wear a helmet

I am constantly surprised at how many people ride by my house looking marvellous—but unprotected from the unexpected.

Hodge: Summer hopes in April fizzled by rain in May

When Aubin realized there was no ribbon for the best children’s entry in the parade, he stepped up to the plate and sponsored one.

Hodge: Annual reminder of lives lost too soon

I have lots of life to plant and contemplate and some great mentors to keep me company.

Hodge: Friendships influence the quality of our lives

Sometimes we forget to live in the moment and often (way too often) fail to tell others how special they really are.

Hodge: Friend’s demise proves premature

I admit to a sense of guilt at feeling relief regarding a stranger’s demise.

Hodge: Family heirlooms can cause anxiety

Better yet, said bar fridge (a.k.a. beer fridge) was free and comes with a pedigree. Mom gave it to us.

Hodge: Appreciate the engineering of B.C.’s Interior highways

I am consistently awestruck at the nearly unfathomable and almost magical engineering skills displayed by those who built our highways…

Hodge: NHL playoff predictions promise embarrassing results

Boston Bruins will beat the Anaheim Ducks in six games for the Stanley Cup.

Hodge: Canucks demise was predictable; help local musician

Plus other bits and pieces of news from around Kelowna.

Hodge: Bring back Regatta, Aquatic Centre pool and stands

It’s a classic example of how a small group of people with a good idea…can create positive change in their community.

Hodge: Remembering a man who made an impression

While Charlie did not rush into negativity…if he did not have much use for you, he would let you know it in his own sort of quiet way.

Hodge: Looking ahead to Kelowna municipal election

Filling the leadership role at City Hall with Mayor Walter Gray opting to retire from politics rather than seek re-election in November.