Charlie Hodge

Hodge: NHL trade talks disaster for Canucks

What kind of meds is Canuck general manager Mike Gillis on? Are they legal or black market because they obviously cause brain damage.

Charrette on Pandosy waterfront poses plenty of questions

Why was an area property owner proposing a 24-storey hotel complex allowed to vote in the charrette when other property owners were not?

Hodge: Dusting off some forgotten boxes revisits old columns

It seems I have discovered a virtual treasure trove of tidbits and tantalizing tales to tickle readers reading desires.

Hodge: More questions than answers on Cedar Ave options

I smell a skunk in the woodpile.…Is this a charrette or a charade?

Hodge: Rolling the dice with Luongo

Amid the controversy of who is, or is not, a member of Canada’s Olympic hockey team, the name Corey Crawford was barely whispered.

Hodge: Elise Clark–A genuine advocate for community

With Elise Clark you pretty much knew where you stood and what she thought. If you were unsure—Elise would tell you.

Hodge: Sage advice stands the test of time

This little gem of prose re-appeared in my email box and I figured it was poignant enough to print out and give to Mark and Graham.

Hodge: Unique newspaper era is disappearing

The final nail in the Kamloops News’ coffin is apparently the same pointy punctuation that’s closed other newspapers doors—economics.

Hodge: Say hello to 2014–a chance to start again

In reality, that is what New Years is largely about—renewed hope.

Hodge: Charlie’s Angels–No need to check this Christmas list twice

Readers have submitted names of people that made a difference in some way, shape, or form to their life.

Hodge: Canada’s great game marred by ugly fisticuff

Once again sports analysts and fans are shaking their head this week at a couple of asinine plays in the NHL…

Hodge: Yuletide calendar busy in the Hodge home

Even for one probably originally destined to be North Pole elf, my house decorating schedule was absurdly advanced this year.

Hodge: JFK–Loss of a president and our trust

I suppose it is understandable that such grief inspiring, cataclysmic events lodge or dislodge memory bank data.

Hodge: Pay tribute to the past as we move forward

…those that helped create our history tend to die leaving those alive with less knowledge of what it is they are trying to remember.

Hodge: Valued friendships renewed by Facebook connections

I marvel at many of the inventions and changes in our society since my birth just 58 years ago.

Hodge: Grandpa gets to revisit a kid’s world

Life does not get much better than snuggling up, eating ice cream, and watching Alvin and the Chipmunks [with your granddaughter].

Hodge: Full line-up for Night of the Arts

All proceeds from the show will go to Metro Central, an excellent facility downtown.

Hodge: Columnist peers into his NHL crystal ball

Once in a while I get the NHL guessing game right, and then joyfully strut about like I actually knew what I was prattling on about.

Hodge: Funny how one thought can trickle into another

My brother's picture I remember best was one that has been seen by thousands of Kelowna residents and other Canadians.

Hodge: Regret for developing a smoking habit in life

I wanted to scream out, “Don’t do it girl, don’t buy those cigarettes.”