Charlie Hodge

Hodge: Summer camping in our own valley backyard

Economics dictate that our camping outings truly mean ‘camping.’

Hodge: Calloway—no ‘nasty bone in his body’

Like many, the news of his death knocked me to my knees. I can only imagine the anguish felt by his loving partner Arlene.

Hodge: Revisiting summer camp brings back childhood memories

The only thing really missing here aside from you, Vic, is the camp caretaker Old Steve.

Hodge: Meteor shower lit up the sky

Charlie Hodge relates his magical outdoor experience camping at Island Lake.

Hodge: Being submerged at Wood Lake

Spent a fabulous long weekend tenting at Wood Lake, an annual migration for us.

Hodge: Childhood memories for native sons

Teresa and I paid a visit to the Okanagan Anglican Church Camp and a flood of wonderful memories hit me.

Hodge: Two bands offer a musical synchronicity for columnist

A bundle of old Strange Movies fans made the trek to listen to Don Burnett, Bill Campbell and Gerry Deshayes joined by Mike Ohman.

Hodge: It can be fun playing tourist in your own valley

Tez and I wound up playing tourists in our own Valley last week. And we had a fabulous time doing so.

Hodge: Kelowna ties to B.C. premiers continues

The end result was no surprise to the majority of residents and media.

Hodge: Hometown hospice care for sick kids worthy endeavour

The Wish Come True Society, a local non-profit organization, is determined to create a Respite/Hospice House for Children in Kelowna.

Hodge: Grandfatherhood, Canucks head coach decision stinks and byelection candidates defy logic

Columnist Charlie Hodge talks politics, sports and the enduring emotional ties of family.

Hodge: Boat building exercise has been interrupted by rain

Columnist Charlie Hodge asks what's with all this rain in June?

Hodge: Fat Cat Festival fun for young and old

Perhaps we had even more fun than our three-and-a-half year old accomplice the fabulous Fat Cat Festivities last weekend.

Hodge: Premier’s byelection decision not a total surprise

From a straight strategic perspective it makes logical sense that Clark would seek a seat that is pretty much a slam-dunk to win.

Hodge: Our community has lost a loyal, long-time friend

Long-time Kelowna residents will remember Larry Chalmers as a sound family and community minded man.

Hodge: Departing event organizer will be missed

Chris Olson-Brown is stepping down in his role with May Days after several years of hard work. He leaves big shoes to fill.

Hodge: Local Liberals face the voters May 14

I admit to being fully entertained by the current provincial election…despite the fact that I think all three political parties are a farce.

Hodge: Columnist makes fearless predictions

I make these silly NHL playoff predictions, then readers laugh at my predictions throughout the remainder of the playoffs.

Hodge: Musician getting back on his feet

Music fans will have a chance to watch Rann Berry's One Hit Wonders show on May 11 at the Creekside Theatre in Lake Country.

Hodge: Growing out his hair gives columnist mixed reactions

It seems my flowing locks of greying, thinning hair have caught the attention of more than one person.