Charlie Hodge

Hodge: Promises to be a nasty name-calling election campaign

With a month to go before the provincial election, things are starting to heat up on the campaign trail.

Hodge: Luongo left hanging with no trade takers

The long-awaited trade…failed to actually take place by Wednesday, the NHL’s regular season trade deadline.

Hodge: Current leader crop has little appeal to voters

Christy Clark is visiting K-Town next week, an indication, perchance, that she recognizes not everything is lovely in lotus land.

Hodge: Loss of a new friend to cancer comes as a shock

…the discussion opened up quickly about priorities and concerns and I think it helped him somewhat.

Hodge: Quality of talent performing locally continues to astound

On Valentine’s Day, Tez and I were invited by Peter Comrie and Joyce Evans to watch the amazing group Chic Gamine.

Hodge: Memories of sunshine, super summers and skunks

I had the ideal childhood, romping throughout the summers in a world of sunshine, swimming, and the simple, sweet life.

Hodge: Two deceased Okanagan pioneers fondly remembered

Last news brought the sad news that Kelowna has lost two more quality characters in Graham Takoff and Myrtie Reid.

Hodge: Bold predictions keep Canucks in top six mix

The shortened NHL season inspires yet another Hodge Podge tradition—the Laugh at Charlie’s Stupid Hockey Predictions time once again.

Hodge: Coming to grips with impending mortality

Today's column is one that’s been on my brain for a couple years and is perhaps overdue.

Hodge: Hockey players and local singer both unlocked from adversity

The NHL is back on the ice but how many fans did it lose as a result of the lengthy lockout?

Hodge: Fun time of the year also a chance to give thanks

Columnist Charlie Hodge praises his annual Charlie's Angels.

Hodge: Getting an early and creative jump on our festive season

First thing early on Nov.12, Tez and I actually began to hang some yuletide decorations around the home.

Hodge: Music entertainment options will get you off the couch

There is simply so much to do during the Christmas season.

Hodge: Colourful character enshrined as part of Kelowna’s history

Ken Noble was not a big man but he had a big and bold heart, despite his occasional attempt at times to be gruff.

Hodge: Cruzeros lead singer sidelined by table saw

Superb singer/songwriter Barry Mathers will not be playing at this Saturday’s Night of the Arts concert.

Hodge: Obama’s win, the NHL lockout and Remembrance Day

I have yet to figure out why Canadians are so preoccupied with the U.S, election yet barely give a rat’s behind about our own.

Hodge: Happy birthday to a Canadian icon

Golly Gee, famed Canadian hockey player, analyst and writer Howie Meeker turns 90.

Hodge: Grandpa finds out that kids still rule

Because of the many stressors life can throw in one’s path, I have waned somewhat in remembering the multiple joys in our fast-paced world.

Hodge: Suicide loss of childhood friend painful lesson of life

We are often too complacent a society, convinced too many social issues are ‘not our business, not our right to interfere with.’

Hodge: Columnist’s attention span absorbed by Facebook bug

I have fallen prey to the allure of Facebook and its various addictions and idiosyncrasies.