Charlie Hodge

Hodge: Blessings at Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving always marks the weekend when I tend to start my major harvesting of the garden.

Hodge: Roving MLA is making a mockery of party loyalty

Does this make von Dongen honourable, arrogant, indecisive, or none of the above?

Hodge: Virtual tour vision turned into business reality for Kelowna man

With a click of the computer mouse viewers can ‘tour’ any Marchante client business—restaurant, hotel, winery, salon, gym, etc.

Hodge: Musicians play an upbeat tune for one of their own

I hope you were part of the packed house of music supporters who took part in Thursday night’s fundraiser for Floyd Vedan.

Hodge: Local musicians, singers rally to help a fallen friend

Unless you have been hiding under a very large rock of late, you are likely aware of the upcoming FloydFest on Sept. 6.

Hodge: Assisted suicide ruling right move

Until one has truly faced death in the face, it is hard to judge, or even begin to comprehend, how complex such a decision is.

Hodge: Plenty to do, both inside and out, over the next few days

I was reminded how blessed we are to live here in the Okanagan Valley by spending a couple of glorious nights in a tent along Woods Lake.

Hodge: Our pets have a way of getting wrapped around our hearts

I’m convinced that last week while I worked in my basement office I heard her pitter patter across the dining room floor.

Hodge: Musician with a generous heart suffering after assault

Thoughts go out to Floyd Vedan in hospital recovering from an attack.

Hodge: Valley offers ample reasons why it’s a great place to live

As a spoiled born and raised Okanagan lad, I have sometimes taken for granted just how fortunate we are to live here.

Hodge: Time to complain now about the heat

I am happy the ‘lousy’ spring weather is finally over because now that summer is here we can finally complain about the ‘horrible’ heat.

Hodge: Musketeer duo will miss their leader

Then there were two. The ‘Three Old Musketeers’ have lost their leader.

Hodge: Veendam sister city garage sale full of must-have items

I am all excited about a great big outdoor garage sale, surrounded by a bunch of old folks.

Hodge: Setting the judging standards for Rutland May Days parade

The Gazillianth annual Rutland May Days Parade kicks off the family festival on May 19 and I am one of three parade judges.

Hodge: Confronting mortality can be a little hard on our psyche

The bottom line is this—getting old is great, unless you think about it.

Hodge: Questions keep coming as you age

Turning 57 this weekend for columnist Charlie Hodge affirms to him getting older is a little harsh on the pysche

Hodge: Yard work conflicts with Stanley Cup playoffs

Forget the official calendar or even the relentless rain—we have proof spring has officially sprung.

Hodge: Questions arise about some of the disclosed expenses

The financial disclosures of Kelowna city council candidates were released Monday—and the figures caused a few sets of eyeballs to roll.

Hodge: Winter: Enough is enough

Not sure about you, but I am pretty much done with winter.

Hodge: Film fest and Blue Gator gig offer diversion for taxpayers

Hope you have a little free time over the next weekend or two because I have a couple of great ideas.