Simone Jennings

Interior Health: Healthy eats for family camping trips

Plan simple meals and prepare food before you go. Certain foods can be used in multiple meals and snacks.

Interior Health: So much more to do with pumpkins

Like other types of squash, pumpkins are full of nutrients.

Interior Health: Roasting tomatoes for fast winter meals

The flavour and quality of preserving fresh tomatoes from the garden or farmers market makes it totally worth it.

Jennings: Bolster your defences against cold and flu season

Good nutrition is the key to building your body’s defenses. Help fight common bugs by filling your diet with healthy foods.

Jennings: Be sodium savvy about the food you eat

In our North American food system we get more than double the recommended intake of sodium.

Jennings: Go green with organic produce–dark green

All vegetables are good, but some are packed with more nutrients than others.