David Suzuki

Suzuki: Is geoengineering a silver bullet for climate change?

Solar radiation management involves reflecting the sun's rays back into space. Carbon dioxide removal is aimed at removing and storing it.

Suzuki: Placing an economic value on preserving our environment

It seems absurd to try to assign worth to something so vital we can’t survive without it.

Suzuki: Downgrading endangered species legislation troubling

Call cabinet ministers or MLAs to let them know you oppose the deregulation trend.

Suzuki: Bean leaves, bedbugs and biomimicry

Sometimes scientists rediscover what our ancestors already knew.

Suzuki: Does selling off our resources make us an energy superpower?

While the federal government demonizes environmentalists as “radicals”…opposition is rising against pipelines.

Suzuki: Mega-quarry pits farmland against industry

The desire to protect valuable and ever-diminishing farmland clashes with efforts to push industrial development.

Suzuki: Energy plan must be about more than just energy

Ecojustice recently launched a lawsuit to challenge the government’s strategies around the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway project.

Suzuki: Climate change deniers fading away

According to a poll, only two per cent of Canadians reject the overwhelming scientific evidence that Earth is warming at alarming rates.

Suzuki: Are plastic bags really still necessary in 2012?

Plastic bags pose a big problem that must be addressed.

Suzuki: People are getting sick of man’s environmental destruction

Preventing illness is the best way to get health-care costs down. So why aren’t governments doing more to protect the environment?

Suzuki: Daily dose of nature is the prescription for health and happiness

Do you want to be happier, healthier and smarter? I have just the prescription for you—add a daily dose of nature to your routine.

Suzuki: Bicycling helps make cities cool

Cities cover just two per cent of the world’s land area, yet they account for about 70 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions.

Suzuki: Questions can lead to learning how to research

Kids ask questions. Sometimes adults feel inadequate if they don’t have ready answers.

Suzuki: Northern Gateway: Profits vs environment

The battle lines are drawn and Northern B.C.’s pristine wilderness is the latest front.

Suzuki: What are governments for if not to protect the environment?

What purpose do governments serve? Some people think we could do without them, but that’s absurd.

Suzuki: Resurrecting Eden on the edge of the city

The federal government has announced an exciting project that will put nature in millions of backyards.

Suzuki: The D-word derives its own negative connotations

A kerfuffle is raised every time a comedian, politician, or businessperson uses the F-word or the N-word. I understand that.

Suzuki: Our future depends on learning more about our home

Biologists recently found a strange monkey in the Amazon.

Holiday leads to learning the value of respect on Haida Gwaii

I spent the week around July 1 in a cabin on one of Haida Gwaii’s remote islands.

Suzuki: Corporations taking control of government

In 2008, economics student Tim DeChristopher went to an auction set up by the Bush administration for the oil and gas industry.