Doreen Smith

Smith:March is fraud prevention month

Protection of private information is crucial to stopping identity theft.

D. Smith: Paralysis by analysis in the investment world

Money in any financial institution…make a profit for their financial institution.

D. Smith: Don’t be caught off-guard by the April 30 tax deadline

If you are expecting a return on your taxes, consider filing as early as possible.

D. Smith: Avoid probate the easy way

GICs, mutual funds and stocks held in banks or credit unions will go through probate upon death if not otherwise managed.

D Smith: Dealing with divorce and separation

The laws relating to relationship breakdown can be complex.

Smith: Advice on how to endure the financial blues of January

Financial columnist Doreen Smith on dealing with the post-Christmas personal finance crunch.

D Smith: Changes in 2013 for the Tax Free Savings Account

The TFSA limit has been increased by the federal finance department due to the increase in the cost of living.

D Smith: Reduce the holiday season stress

The pressure of shopping, socializing, organizing family events and the expense of buying gifts and food contributes to a stressful month.

D. Smith: Year-end deadline for taxpayers is fast approaching

It is time to turn our attention to finances and the year end tax summary.

Smith: Our golden years should be the happiest of our lives

Planing for retirement is essential to enjoying our old age.

D. Smith: Finding good deals in the fall retail season

There are many good deals in every season of the year. Now the fall season is here, there are some discount fall offers for savvy shoppers.

D. Smith: Retirement concerns for the baby boomers

We now live longer so we will collect these pensions over a longer period of time than previous generations.

D. Smith: Doing your homework on will planning will save you money

Almost 50 per cent of all people who should have a will don't. Many others who have an existing will should consider updating it.

D. Smith: Buy disability insurance before you need it

Once you become disabled, or are considered uninsurable, you cannot purchase disability insurance.

Smith: Just married: Some issues to deal with beyond the I do’s

Money issues can make a couple happy and work together in life…or eventually dissolve a relationship.

D. Smith: What mortgage qualification rule changes may mean for you

The changes were made in an attempt to keep consumer spending in check.

D. Smith: Drawing a picture of what retirement will look like

It is important to spend some time in pre-retirement to plan what you will do “for the rest of your life”.

D. Smith: Where does your money get spent?

Whether you are in debt and trying to become debt free, there are some investment strategies to let you where you are financially.

Insurance to deal with the unexpected

Life insurance is a consumer product we buy and hope we never have to use.

D Smith: Old Age Security changes affecting future seniors

The Old Age Security pension is a monthly benefit available to most Canadians 65 years of age or over.