Doreen Smith

D Smith: Spending your tax refund

This is the time of year when Canadians receive their annual tax refund.

D. Smith: Create emergency fund for peace of mind

When I discuss debt repayment or saving money in an emergency fund, the comparison is based on low interest rate costs.

D. Smith: RRSPs take on added importance as pensions decline

Investing in RRSPs is important. It is especially important when employer pension plans are declining.

D. Smith: Getting the most from your tax return

As the income tax deadline gets closer, it is time to gather your papers and prepare to file your personal tax return.

Smith: Getting the most from your tax return

Be mindful that the deadline for your 2011 tax return is April 30.

D Smith: Separating and ending a marriage of many years fields fiscal questions

During a marriage breakdown, a couple will decide to co-operate to minimize the joint tax bill, or not.

D Smith: Financial security part of any strategy for long, happy life

I was part of the audience recently when Dan Buettner came to Kelowna as a guest of UBC in the Distinguished Speaker Series.

Time is now to get a head start on year-end tax planning

Year-end investment decisions can result in substantial tax savings.

D Smith: Make sure your don’t outlive your savings after retirement

In retirement you need sustainable income that will last for your life and the life of your spouse.

D Smith: Keep retirement plan on track

Are you concerned you may outlive your money? Some people fear outliving their assets more than they fear their own death.

Becoming debt free is an important objective to achieve

Most Canadians say being debt free is a top objective.

Smith: How to avoid losing money in equity markets

Roller coaster market ride conditions still prevalent.

D Smith: Differences between common-law relationships and marriage

When two people enter into a relationship as a couple, responsibilities change.

D Smith: The high cost of not making a will

When it comes to your estate, failing to prepare a will may save you legal fees now, but will ensure your estate pays extra costs after your passing.

D Smith: Help to purchase your first home

The price of homes in Kelowna have increased over the last decade, leaving many people to ask themselves: “How will I ever be able to buy a home when such a large down payment is required?”

Smith: Retirement plan options

Retirement can be more of a transition for many people today. Longer life expectancies may be part of the consideration to stay in the work force.

D Smith: Mortgage insurance vs. life insurance

Most banks and lending institutions offer mortgage insurance.

D.Smith: Planning for death should be embraced, not avoided

Do you want your family to be the main beneficiary of your accumulated assets?

D. Smith: Avoid T3 and T5 annual income

Tax efficient investing is minimizing the after-tax return of an investment. Important consideration must be based on the investment choice matched to the client’s suitability.

D Smith: Making the leap into the business world

There is a new investment book worth reading called Pensionize Your Nest Egg: How to Use Product Allocation to Create a Guaranteed Income for Life.