Emily Pratt

Pratt: Focus in on the lifestyle factors that help prevent cancer

Most cancers are preventable, caused by three lifestyle factors—poor diet, lack of exercise and smoking.

Pratt: Fatigue fighters: Natural ways to increase your energy

To cope with the highs and lows of energy many people reach for coffee, sugary foods and drinks or other stimulants.

Pratt: What is depression and how can you deal with its effects?

Depression is a mental condition characterized by low mood, sadness, pessimism and other negative emotions.

Pratt: Role of naturopathic medicine explained

Naturopathic medicine blends modern scientific knowledge with traditional and natural forms of medicine.

Pratt: Understanding the role of calcium

People want to take calcium for osteoporosis prevention, but then learn about possible associated cardiovascular disease risks.

Pratt: Cold and flu prevention

Over the past few weeks, many people in the area have developed a variation of the flu virus.

Pratt: Addressing vitamin D deficiency during winter

The simplest way get your vitamin D is to expose your arms and legs to the mid-day sun for 20 to 30 minutes.

Pratt: Neural Prolotherapy: A new approach to treating chronic pain

Neural prolotherapy involves a series of injections with a dextrose or mannitol solution (sugar molecules), immediately under the skin.

Pratt: Health benefits of apples

Whatever the type, all apples contain numerous phytonutrients to benefit your health.