Farquhar Milne

Farquhar & Milnes: Diabetes levels are way to high

In the whole history of mankind, the prevalence of diabetes has never been as high as it is now.

Milnes & Farquhar: Brushing is what’s key

In several recent columns we have discussed both toothbrushes and toothbrushing, but we haven’t said much about the stuff you put on the brush.

Farquhar & Milne: Some considerations when shopping for a toothbrush

Often parents will ask us about toothbrushes and whether the brush their child is using is appropriate.

Milnes & Farquhar: Options for applying medication

In the final column of our series on issues surrounding the sedation of children in the dentist’s chair, there are other various forms of sedation which can be extremely beneficial to anxious or uncooperative children in need of dental care.

Farquhar & Milnes: Use of laughing gas can help calm a nervous patient

This second column in our sedation series will focus on the use of nitrous oxide and oxygen (N20/02), often referred to as “laughing gas,” as a sedation agent.

Pros and cons of putting kids to sleep in the chair

Not many people enjoy receiving dental treatment.

Milnes, Farquhar: Providing proper dental care for a child with autism

Autism spectrum is a relatively common disorder of neurological development that is characterized by several criteria: impaired communication, impaired social interaction, and restrictive, repetitive behaviour.

Milnes, Farquhar: Teeth damage often sustained when kids hit the ground

So often while children are running around just being kids, they will fall and inevitably bump their mouth.

An example of a shark teeth appearance in a child’s mouth

Farquhar & Milne: Changes from baby to permanent teeth

In keeping with our last dental column about teething, there is a question related to teething that arises often in the dental office, and causes many parents a great deal of concern.

An example of a shark teeth appearance in a child’s mouth

Farqhhar & Milnes: Arrival of teeth for infants always raises questions

Most of us don’t recall from childhood the events surrounding teething.