Gabriele Banka

Banka: Options for a tax-free income

How to convert taxable income into tax free income. Is there actually any income that is tax free?

Banka: B.C. Employment Standards Act has quick-look fact sheets

…If your case gets investigated by a government department, there is a good chance that a tax audit could follow.

Banka: Family tax breaks

Be aware of the tax breaks available to family taxpayers.

Banka: Clarifying the medical expense tax deduction changes

People think that they can deduct 100 per cent of the medical expenses, when in fact, only 15 per cent is deductible.

Banka: Students and taxes

For some students taxes can be quite complicated and some students may be wondering if they need to file at all.

Banka: Transferring property into a corporation

If you have a building that you need to transfer over, you will need to “sell” the building to the corporation…

Banka: Transferring equipment or property into a corporation

Transferring assets into a corporation from a sole proprietorship takes some planning.

Banka: Safeguard the assets of the deceased

The easiest way for surviving family members to wind up your affairs is if you have a will in place.

Banka: Keep your will in order

The easiest way for surviving family members to wind up your affairs is if you have a will in place.

Banka: The new family tax cut

The new family tax cut will provide some families with up to $2,000 per year of tax relief.

Column: Foreign income reporting changes

Financial expert Gabriele Banka warns of new form required to be filed called a T1135 with your tax return.

Banka: Identifying business risks

Anyone starting a new business needs to identify the various risks faced by the business.

Banka: Develop the Intangible value of your company

Shareholder value has three underlying components: Its ability to generate cash flow, its risk profile and its invested capital.

Banka: Develop intangible value of your company

Setting yourself apart from competitors in business

Banka: Steps to determine the sale value of a business

Many business owners don’t consider what their personal involvement in their business is worth.

Banka: Transitioning not-for-profits under new federal laws

The federal Not-For-Profit Act has been modernized.

Banka: Are you zapping?

Zapping deletes or modifies sales transactions from a point of sale system without maintaining a record of those changes—no audit trail.

Banka: Accounting for a not-for-profit organization

In an unincorporated organization…members may be personally liable to its creditors.

Banka: What’s all that spam?

Anti-spam legislation has already cut down on the massive amounts of spam emails that we have all been receiving.

Banka: PST refunds and exemptions

There are specific application forms for different types of business cases…