Gabriele Banka

Banka: PST refunds and tax exemptions

Business columnist Gabriele Banka says there are many PST refund options for businesses to be aware of.

Banka: Little known facts about limits to RRSPs

When you turn 71 you will be required to roll your RRSP into a RRIF and at this time you stop collecting deduction room.

Banka: Little known facts about RRSPs and their expiry

Make sure you're taking advantage of RRSP tax savings and they're not taking advantage of you

Banka: Considering the benefits of incorporation

Many people that have proprietorships ask how they can reduce their tax bill. One way is to incorporate.

Banka: Tax deductions help off-set home care service costs

A senior, or their care giver, can deduct some of the expenses from home care services.

Banka: Disability Tax Credit—some additional benefits for seniors

The Disability Tax Credit functions much like the basic tax credit in that it will reduce the income tax payable on your return.

Banka: Update on claiming medical expenses

Only 15 per cent of the amount over three per cent of your net income can be deducted on your income tax return.

Banka: Stance toughening on foreign investment tax loopholes

Governments are cooperating to try to stop the lack of disclosure of taxable income by exchanging information about their citizens.

Banka: Financial assistance for retirement income

Develop an expense budget to see how much income you will need to cover your expenses to age 85-90.

Banka: Dealing with Canada Pension Plan deductions

CRA is promoting use of their on-line services at My Business Account and My Account.

Banka: Snowbirds can face taxation in Canada and the U.S.

There are several ways to determine if you need to file a U.S. tax return.

Banka: Year-end is time to focus on filing a tax return

A great way to get a tax deduction and give back to the community is to make a charitable donation before Dec. 31, 2013.

Banka: Year-end tax saving tips for corporations

There are generally five ways of receiving income from a corporation that you own other than removing your initial investment.

Banka: How to avoid common home renovation pitfalls

Some tips and things to watch out for when hiring a renovation contractor from any segment of the construction industry.

Banka: B.C. home renovation tax credit often overlooked

The B.C. government has created the home renovation tax credit, similar to one that was created by the federal government.

Banka: Small business deduction for corporations

One of the small business tax reductions available is the ability to claim the deduction of 17 per cent up to the limit of $500,000.

Personal finance: Death, taxes and what has to be done

If there is no will, then the court will appoint an administrator as the legal representative.

Banka: Some options on how to start a business

To open a business, I think you need to live here for a while…to determine if their is a missing business service need here.

Banka: Disability tax credit offers additional benefits to seniors

You can transfer the excess of the disability tax credit to your spouse, common-law partner or another supporting person.

Banka: Understanding cloud computing

Cloud computing is actually just a different expression for Internet access.