Gabriele Banka

Banka: Business code of ethics translates into our personal lives

Tthere must be a way to promote this to businesses in general, so I’ve done a bit of research.

Banka: The consequences of not filing a tax return

There are many financial benefits to filing a tax return every year.

Banka: Some good, some bad aspects of 2013 federal budget

The major focus of the budget was getting Canadians trained to work in fields that are in high-demand.

Banka: Tax relief options for disabled

The most under-utilized tax code benefit is the use of the disability tax credit.

Banka: Tax tips reflect Canada Revenue Agency’s new priorities

This age limit to receive your Old Age Security pentions will be increased to 67 years of age beginning April 2023

Banka: Tax implication changes facing non-profit organizations

Non-profit organizations have unique accounting and reporting needs.

Banka: The tax ramifications of capital gains losses and profits

Some examples of capital property are cottages, securities such as stocks and bonds and land, buildings and equipment used in a business.

Banka: Varied income requires lots of tax return paperwork

It takes a lot of paper to put together a tax return. Most income is recorded and sent to the tax payer by way of income slips.

Banka: Last chance for 2012 tax breaks

It’s time to estimate your income to take advantage of any tax deductions that may be coming to you.

Banka: What to consider in hiring a bookkeeper

You will need to keep your business records in case of an audit of GST/HST, payroll or taxes.

Banka: Deciding between dividends and salary for company income

Depending on the kind of business, the corporate tax rates are currently lower than the lowest personal tax rates.

Banka: The value of professional designation to consumers

Columnist Gabriele Banka says there are benefits for consumers of dealing with someone with a professional designation.

Ethics of switching accountants

Professionally designated accountants are required to follow a strict code of ethics.

Banka: Determine the right timing to follow the incorporation path

Incorporating a business can offer advantages such as tax savings and tax planning.

Banka: Demystifying an accountant’s business engagement letter

Once you meet with the accountant, you will be asked to sign an engagement letter usually before any work commences on the file.

Banka: Demystifying what is known as the representation letter

If you require formal financial statements for a partnership or a sole proprietorship, you will also need to sign an engagement letter.

Banka: Facts to consider before starting your own business

Kelowna has many small businesses but very few large employers.

Banka: Deciding whether to purchase assets or shares

Why someone might purchase only the assets of a business is to avoid adopting the tax problems of an incorporated business.

Banka: Improving your chances to get interview for job opening

What happens during the Kelowna summer is that companies start to advertise for the more skilled positions that may be opening up.

Banka: Figuring out a company’s ratio analysis on the balance sheet

There are a number of assets that are used on the balance sheet to indicate the health of your company.