Gabriele Banka

Banka: Navigating Canada’s tax code for business partnerships

Partnerships are much like sole proprietorships with some slightly different reporting rules.

Banka: Importance of having a will

People die—it is a fact of life—as are taxes. Even when you die, you need to pay taxes and you need to have someone wind up your final affairs.

Banka: Some post-tax season issues addressed

As the 2010 personal tax season draws to a close, I can start to reflect and comment on a few of the items that came across my desk this year.

Banka: How to maximize your medical expense tax deductions

Most of us know that in order to claim a medical item, the payment must have been made to a medical practitioner, a dentist or a registered nurse, or be for prescription medication.

Banka: Tax write-offs for the self-employed sole proprietor

Last issue, I addressed the available tax write-offs for people who were employed but worked away from the office.

Banka: Tax deduction possibilities for employees who work at home

When you attend a presentation of any sort, the technique to get the ball rolling or to stop the audience from falling asleep is to ask a question and get some audience interaction.

Banka: Changes to the 2010 tax code

This is the time of year to be thinking about what’s new for 2010 taxes.

Banka: Okanagan residents impacted by red tape

German pensions wrapped in red tape.

Banka: Confusion over German pensions clearing up

What has happened with those German pensions?The German pension system has had…

Outside viewpoint helpful with a business Health Check

Now that you have probably assembled your documents for the past business year as tax filing time approaches, you can determine if the goals that you set at the beginning of the year have been met.

Getting prepared for tax time

Now that we are in 2011, it is time to gather your documents together for your 2010 tax return if you have not already done so.