Gunnar Forsstrom

Forsstrom: Protections are in place against negligent behaviour

Some have suggested stratas should consider make it compulsory for residents to purchase their own personal property policies.

Forsstrom: Strata rules can’t override provincial legislation

The council and strata manager violated the owner’s rights by ordering removal of an election sign.

Forsstrom: Dog poop patrol goes high-tech

DNA technology will pin the poop on the perpetrating pooch and lay down the law by fining the owner.

Forsstrom: Buying into recycling habits

The regional district’s waste management program is cracking down and imposing fines on those who don't recycle

Forsstrom: Depreciation report deadline approaching

Stratas will have to decide whether to complete depreciation reports, or temporarily opt out.

Forsstrom: Lifecycle of a condo

Most people don’t look at a building and see a living entity.

Forsstrom: Feel free to promote candidates

Strata residents are allowed to display election material, but as all things involving stratas there are conditions and rules to follow.

Forsstrom: New CHOA office in Kelowna likely to be a busy place

Armed with a good sense of humour and a suitcase full of experience, Bill Miller is well equipped to deal with the demands of providing advice to the strata community.

Forsstrom: As annoying as they may be to some, strata bylaws are important

Beleaguered strata councils are often the subject of scorn for enforcing the corporation’s bylaws.

New recycling rules could prove costly for condo owners

A recently announced crackdown on recycling rapscallions could end up hitting condo owners where it hurts most—in their pocketbook.

Buying a condominium means learning a new legal language

During the course of completing the purchase of her condominium, a first-time buyer recently contacted me to inquire about the paperwork needed to be filled out, commenting wryly that she now needed to learn “condo speak.”