Gwen Steele

Steele: Fall means it’s planting time again

All plants need water, for at least the first year, to get their roots established.

Steele: Ornamental grasses in Kelowna’s city centre

About 10 years ago the parks department planted an ornamental grass garden in front of the Kelowna Museum.

Steele: Sunflowers, birdsong welcome us at this time of year

I feel truly blessed by my natural companions—flora and fauna.

Steele: Take a tour in the unH2O xeriscape garden

Come see the late summer highlights in the five theme gardens and get your questions answered.

Steele: Adventures with soil

I often long for water-retentive, nutrient-rich clay where plants flourished and I hardly needed to water.

Steele: Plan to avoid watering challenges

My present gardens are fast-draining, nutrient-deficient, sandy soil. My former nursery gardens were nutrient- and water-retentive clay.

Steele: Ladybug larvae happy to feast on aphids

The most important commitment to make is to refrain from using any pesticides as they will…kill off beneficial insects as well as the pests.

Steele: A beautiful but challenging weed

Because it has a nice stalk of bluebell flowers many people assume Campanula rapunculoides is a garden-worthy perennial.

Steele: Herbs for the water-wise garden

Thyme has survived the ultimate test in my sunny xeriscape garden.

Steele: Lavender thrives under Okanagan sun

Being evergreen, lavender looks good year round providing winter interest in the landscape.

Steele: Garden that likes heat

The Mediterranean Garden in the unH2O Xeriscape Garden is stunning.

Steele: Take part in xeriscaping contest

All residential properties in the Central Okanagan with any water-wise/xeriscape landscaping are eligible to enter contest.

Steele: Garden tours offer inspiration

A variety of garden tours being offered this summer, one self-guided on bicycle, another for the fall harvest.

Steele: Free xeriscape garden tour

I will highlight plants in bloom, the creation and evolution of the garden and answer your questions.

Steele: Welcome rainfall encourages both plants and weeds

It’s a perfect time to top up mulch to conserve the rainfall moisture and delay having to irrigate water-thirsty plants.

Honey  locust trees (Gleditsia tricanthos var. inermis) can grow to 40 to 60 feet tall. Located under power lines

Steele: Pruning tasks reduced in a water-wise garden

Planning, design, appropriate plant selection, proper planting and efficient irrigation can reduce pruning needs.

Honey  locust trees (Gleditsia tricanthos var. inermis) can grow to 40 to 60 feet tall. Located under power lines

Steele: Water-wise garden can reduce maintenance tasks

Too much water causes rampant growth of most plants, which leads to more pruning, staking, weeding and mowing tasks.

Steele: Is your garden water-wise?

Almost any style of landscaping can be water-wise, it's how you set it up.

Steele: Xeriscape book available at plant sale

Revised and updated Creating The Prairie Xeriscape is finally back in print.

Steele: Alternatives to a make-work lawn

The abundance of spring flowers is most welcome but lawn growth just creates work.