Jane Muskens

Muskens: Without skills or training jobs won’t drop into your lap

I’ve tried to convince him that now is the time to consider going back to school. He refuses to consider this an option.

Muskens: Skilled workers needed

More adults over 40 are returning to school—and, as far as I’m concerned, you are never too old to learn.

Muskens: Alumni Awards go to truly inspiring people

Make time to be inspired by others who give back to the community.

Muskens: Knowledge-driven society needs top reading skills

[Survey shows] 40 per cent of youth who drop out of high school don’t have the …literacy skills required to apply for jobs in Canada.

Muskens: Housing market cost increases outpace income

If you look at the cost of buying a house in Canada, you can see why many young adults are motivated by salary.

Muskens: What will your education get you?

The key with a bachelor of arts degree is having a plan on where you want it to take you.

Muskens: Several factors have led to shrinkage of skilled work force

These days, a smaller share of a business's profits go to the labourers who help earn it.

Muskens: Foreigners not expected to make ‘huge dent’ in work force

Unions in particular, say there are enough Canadians to fill work positions as the Canadian north continues to develop.

Muskens: Seek a career that will drive you to work hard

Think of a career as doing something that fulfills your life.

Muskens: Education/work findings from 22-year-long study

A recent study tracking 540 students after high school over 22 years, many did variations of studying or working full- or part-time.

Muskens: Higher employment found for those with certified job skills

Some graduates find employment in their field of study a lot faster than others.

Muskens: Those who can do, and those who can also teach

Education columnist Jane Muskens talks about people who leave a trade to teach it instead.

Muskens: Sustainable economic methods a pathway to jobs

Today we can build buildings that contribute to the environment, instead of detract from it.

Muskens: Colleges key to nation building

Colleges are important to our communities and to the economy and the future of this nation.

Muskens: Will Canada’s own Rocket Man inspire next generation?

You really can be just about anything you want to be.

Muskens: Employers look for both education and work experience

Opting for low-skilled, low-paid jobs (can) lead to a life of chronic unemployment.

Muskens: Clash of aboriginal resource jobs vs. environmental impact

Jobs vs environmental concerns a conflict for First Nations people.

Muskens: Improvements in distance education open learning to all

The Internet has helped those without ready access to many courses learn from a distance, says Jane Muskens.

Muskens: Students shouldn’t fear failure but learn from it

Along with high level of stress, there has been a growing concern about the mental health of our post-secondary students.

Muskens: Post-secondary education skills key to new jobs

Research Universities Council of B.C. identified a plan for the future of post-secondary education based on three pillars.