Jim Taylor

Taylor: Internalized ethics of selfies

I had thought of selfies as an aberration until I read The Road to Character, by David Brooks.

Taylor: Habits that shape our thoughts

I wonder if the practice of using words in prayers leads us to imagine the entity we think we’re talking to.

Taylor: Cutting through comfortable assumptions

I know a couple of people for whom heaven…would consist of endless Formula One Grand Prix racing.

Bolivian women knit themselves to prosperity

These Bolivian families have gone from total poverty, to owning and operating their own business, to becoming professionals.

Taylor: Hate letter writers like to cower behind anonymity.

Latest example is a disgusting letter sent to the grandmother of a 13-year-old autistic boy in Ontario.

Taylor: Pooled ignorance does not add up to wisdom

I have my own definition of hell—editing by committee.

Taylor: Invisible security shield

Driving through downtown Vancouver recently, steady rain turned the roads into pools of shiny blackness.