Joel Young

Young: Dare to dream of being a successful entrepreneur

What are the characteristics of an entrepreneur? How does an entrepreneur think?

Young: Small business vs. entrepreneurship: Is there a difference?

Entrepreneurs and small business do not belong in the same “job jar.”

Young: Need for economic development change

We need to focus on independent retailers, such as home décor and comfort food restaurants to name a few.

Young: Dare to dream as a successful entrepreneur

Entrepreneurial characteristics that are quite worth rating yourself on.

Young: Adjusting to the changing entrepreneurial world

As that world evolves…successful entrepreneurs will be far more reliant on technology…

Young: Facing adversity part of the entrepreneurial ride

Adversity is undoubtedly another means to discover an entrepreneur’s capabilities to seek solutions…

Young: Creating an entrepreneurial culture starts with education

The educational systems have not, in the past, been geared towards the development of entrepreneurship…

Young: Don’t let passion be eroded by operating tasks

Keep that passion stoked even as the mundane but necessary daily tasks of operating a business occupy your time.

Young: Networking can boost your success

Networking has been a conventional business practice for many years.

Young: Three ways to identify an entrepreneurial opportunity

An entrepreneurial opportunity may not be that easy to spot right away.

Young: Entrepreneurial mindset isn’t a 9-to-5 job

The term entrepreneurship doesn’t apply strictly to our careers…it does apply to every part of our life.

Young: Reflect upon entrepreneurial gratitude

Expressing gratitude is a fundamental quality of conscious leadership.

Young: Enthusiasm will drive branding success

It seems everywhere I experience a presence of the “ branding” syndrome.

Young: Seek a business idea that offers purpose in life

Let’s meet Marjorie, a Capital News seniors’ columnist, and identify how she found and nurtured her entrepreneurial purpose.

Young: Entrepreneurial leadership entering a new paradigm

Leadership is a true touchstone of our daily world regardless of the hat we wear.

Young: Entrepreneur immigration can boost economic growth

Ground-breaking Canadian Start-Up Visa immigration problem will encourage entrepreneurs to move to Canada.

Young: Developing a strategy to grow entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is one of the most critical missing ingredients in securing regional economic prosperity.

Young: The role of teamwork key to entrepreneurial success

Research suggests that fast growth firms are more likely to have been founded by entrepreneurial teams.

Young: Conference and TV series showcase entrepreneurs

UnLeashing Ideas —Building the Entrepreneurship Culture in the Okanagan will begin Thursday, Nov. 21.

Young: It’s time to celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship

Everything I turn these days…leaders all speak to the issue of entrepreneurship.