Linda Horton

Weaver: The danger of making assumptions and stereotyping people

Unexamined assumptions are a primary cause of human conflict.

Horton: Distractions divert our fragility

Anyone can hurt and destroy—that is certainly no measure of what it means to be a worthy human.

Horton: No place for intolerance or disrespect in our society

My heart aches for all those who have been shut out and discriminated against, derided and humiliated in our society.

Horton: Making sense of Aurora shooting

It is time for profound compassion and grief for all those whose lives were harmed or destroyed, including the young shooter.

Horton: The power of prayer is more than just trying to talk to God

Most people think of prayer as words, usually addressed to God. Others understand it as a listening silence.

Horton: Understanding the pillars of Islam

The religious roots of Islam and Christianity share similar positive wisdoms.

Horton: Learning how to vent our anger in a positive direction

Few human emotions are as confusing as anger. Most of us find anger either comes too easily, or is automatically stifled.

Horton: How the concept of honour can be taken out of context

On the news not long ago, a young Taliban fighter talked about the strategy behind the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the U.S.

Horton: Relationship building both a powerful and scary practice

"Love is a conversion to humanity."