Marjorie Horne

Horne: A cluttered mind is restless

Horne: A cluttered mind is restless

All the experts say that physical clutter leads to mental clutter. It bombards the mind with excessive stimuli

Horne: A cluttered mind is restless
Marjorie Horne

Horne: Emotions at loved one’s end of life

At one point she simply said, “I’m completely blind now.”that was the beginning of a rapid, steady decline in her health on all levels.

Marjorie Horne
Marjorie Horne

Horne: Sometimes you need to stop and smell the roses

On a recent visit with my grown children I had to do some very deep breathing one night to just take in how lucky I am.

Marjorie Horne
Marjorie Horne

Horne: Easing the upheaval associated with moving

Considering altering your place of residence is a daunting thought and the process can occupy your mind for months.

Marjorie Horne
Columnist Marjorie Horne.

Horne: Unplanned changes in life a necessity

Kelowna columnist reflects on the stages of life that people go through

Columnist Marjorie Horne.
Marjorie Horne

Horne: Music helps incite memories of our lives

Music has the power to draw us back into deep memories.

Marjorie Horne

Horne: Dealing with emotions associated with caregiving

Caregiving…accentuates the usual gamut of our mind’s foray into limbic system overload…

Horne: Dealing with loss and generosity

The acronym of GRACE—Generosity, Resilience, Acceptance, Compassion and Engagement—keeps bringing me back to what is important

Horne: Connecting with peace and grace

I fully understand the conflict that can arise in oneself when attuned continually to giving and the programming that this emanates from.

Horne: Caregivers must take time to care for themselves

If caregivers do not acknowledge their stress it can manifest into an increasing sense of isolation and despair.

Horne: Crossing the 65th birthday precipice

I went from feeling ‘Oh, that’s nice’ to ‘Oh my God, how did this get here so soon?’

Horne: Don’t delay taking action to stop stress

Basically, psychologist Richard Lazarus says we feel stressed when we feel that “things are out of control.”

Horne: Healthy reverence to eating habits recommended

“The Okinawans avoid distraction while eating, which interferes with the body’s signals to stop. They wait for twinges of fullness.”

Horne: Bring compassion into your actions every day

Being magnanimous doesn’t require doling out tons of cash—just being an understanding and tolerant soul will do the trick.

Horne: Aging is a natural transition into uncertainty

So what do we do when life throws us a curve ball and suddenly we are living with too much uncertainty?

Horne: Life lessons of elderhood

I have come to realize what this elderhood journey is all about and what it is teaching me about life.

Marjorie Horne

Horne: Elderhood a learning chapter of our lives

Columnist Marjorie Horne says as she grows older, she finds deeper meaning in the final chapter of her life.

Marjorie Horne

Horne: Learning how to de-stress will make you happier

Taking an inventory of what things in your life are really making you happy…

Horne: Baby boomers bring revival attitude to retirement

Boomers aren’t so attached to holding on to their money…we are willing to risk everything in the search for living more fully.

Horne: The things that get in the way

Keeping our New Year’s resolutions takes work to stay on course.

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