Norm Letnick

Letnick: World Peace starts locally. Join walk March 28

I truly believe that peacefulness contributes much to our overall happiness and good mental health

Letnick: Protect your heart all year long

I reached my big goal because I set small, achieveable ones along the way…

Letnick: Growing even more success for tree fruit industry

Directive: Create a long-term and sustainable tree fruit replanting program.

Letnick: Physical activity does not have to be arduous

Be proud of every small step you take towards improving your lifestyle.

Letnick: Kelowna sets healthy living example for Canadians

B.C. agriculture minister keeps his focus on health issues.

Letnick: Summer marks fresh fruit season in Okanagan

We are so lucky to live in a place where we can experience the sublime pleasure of eating fruit plucked straight from a tree.

Letnick: Outgoing Kelowna mayor will be missed

The news that incumbent Mayor Walter Gray will not be seeking re-election this fall is the end of an era for Kelowna.

Letnick: Website opens the door to opportunity

If you’re looking to build on your career, start a new career, or know someone who is, the government of B.C. has a resource to help you.

Letnick: Kelowna’s international airport keeps adding services

Pacific Coastal Airways has added this destination to its list of more than 65 B.C. communities that they connect with regular service.

Letnick: New transit exchange opens

Like many B.C. communities, we have seen tremendous growth in Kelowna and with that growth is a need for more transit service.

Letnick: Chance to focus on visual aspect of healthy living

Focus on Health panel conversations about health in the Okanagan resume this Saturday, Sept. 14

Letnick: Positive footprint of Liberal provincial government evident in Central Okanagan

Since being elected, local MLAs have worked to identify priorities for capital projects in the community.

Managing health care costs relate to managing our own health

Our priority remains the same—patient care. But all organizations require management to function.

Letnick: Is it better to be fit and fat than seated and skinny?

The more you and your family stay active the greater your chances of staying physically and mentally healthy.

Letnick: Winfield-Oyama link upgrade moving forward

Nobody enjoys traffic delays but hopefully that frustration is eased if you know more about the Winfield-Oyama highway construction.

Letnick: Road to opening up government

When Christy Clark became premier, she made it clear that one of her foremost priorities was opening up government.

Letnick: Province working on a plan to address the problem of dementia

There are few challenges more frustrating and painful than caring for a loved one suffering from dementia.

Letnick: Gov’t sets out action plan to improve care for the elderly

Last month, the provincial government released a comprehensive report titled Improving Care for B.C. Seniors: An Action Plan.

Letnick: Government’s role in generating wealth

Ask a child for a solution to the world’s economic problems and they might say something like “if you need more wealth, create more wealth.”

B.C. leads nation in fighting AIDS

Health is a top priority for the government of B.C., and has made significant investments in research, disease prevention and treatment.