Sharen Marteny

Funeral ritual is important part of the grieving process

It can be a deeply traumatic experience for a family to grieve through and to find closure over the loss of a loved one.

Marteny: What to do about over-medication

Many people have heard of over-medication situations, especially with seniors who are requiring more attention.

Marteny: For some, moving into supportive housing makes sense

Many families still have the perception that supportive housing is a place for “old” people, or where the elderly go to die.

Marteny: Health authorities differ in services each provides

For seniors, it’s important for families to find out exactly what services and care is provided for assisted living and residential care.

Marteny: Planning for loss of independence

A series of brochures have been prepared jointly by the federal/provincial/territorial cabinet ministers responsible for the Seniors Forum.

Marteny: Plenty of information available to help seniors plan for future

A series of brochures have been prepared by the federal/provincial/territorial ministers responsible for seniors.

Marteny: How a public guardian appointee can support seniors

When seniors need help to manage their business, their judgment may be impaired.

Marteny: Using electric scooters safely

While electric scooters are a great mobility aid for seniors, they must also take ultimate responsible for their own safety.

Marteny: Understanding how the health authorities operate

These are some of the findings in a report prepared by B.C. Ombudsperson Kim Carter about seniors care in B.C.

Marteny: Negotiating through the various health experts

Most seniors have a family doctor who diagnoses and treats most types of health conditions or diseases.

Seniors are special people

This past year has been a great experience again for me, working with our elderly seniors and their families.

Marteny: How to help our seniors enjoy Christmas gatherings

Since Christmas is often the only time of the year that families all get together, making sure that the elderly relatives are included.

Marteny: Accessing your personal health file

Have you ever wondered what details are in your Interior Health personal health care file?

Marteny: Seniors come to aid of Salvation Army

Seniors living at Sandalwood Retirement Resort are again assisting the Salvation Army's Scrooge Breakfast fundraiser on Thursday.

Marteny: Apply for OAP at age 65

Although I do not consider anyone has earned the right to call themselves a ‘senior’ until they're 80, the fed considers you a senior at 65.

Marteny: Make visit to MD efficient use of time

You can help your parents receive better care from their doctors

Marteny: People In Motion program enhanced by refurbished bus

The Kelowna & District Society for People in Motion is dedicated to the inclusion and equality of seniors with disabilities.

Marteny: Accessing benefits for veterans

If you served overseas during the Second World War or during the Korean War then you should call Veterans Affairs (1-866-522-2122).

Marteny: Taking charge of our own lives

There are many causes for depression in a senior.

Marteny: Group prevents identity theft

The Kelowna Crime Prevention Association is a non-profit organization that fosters the concept of a safer community.