Sharen Marteny

United Way making a difference in seniors’ lives

The local United Way is helping through many of the organizations it supports in the Kelowna area.

Connecting seniors to their health care needs

New course offered at Okanagan College helpful to families of elderly parents.

Fraudsters prey on the elderly

Last week I spoke to a group of seniors about fraud schemes aimed at seniors, with Kelowna RCMP Consts. Ann Donnelly and Carl Stene.

Marteny: Get a quality walker and use it properly

Many seniors use walkers to assist them to remain stable while walking.

Marteny: Volunteer Fair matches those who can help with groups

Kelowna Community Resources is a social agency passionately committed to empowering individuals through the delivery of its services and solutions, firm in the conviction that we all have a responsibility one to another and that our community is made stronger through our work.

Marteny: Hard luck hoax aimed at seniors

Police are again warning the public, especially seniors, to be aware of a people who have been door-knocking and scamming residents for money recently.

Marteny: Dealing with prescription medication

There are regulations as to how medications must be packaged when travelling by air in Canada.

Marteny: Be prepared on a vacation for emergency health care

Seniors need to keep in mind that when they are traveling a medical emergency could happen at any time.

Marteny: Be wary of fraudsters using family ties to rip you off

When the grandson scam was first detected being attempted in Kelowna in December 2009, then again in August 2010, the Kelowna RCMP publicized it through the local media to warn the public about this particular fraud.

Marteny: Compression stockings one response to venous insufficiency vein issue

Seniors can often experience vein problems in their legs.

Marteny: Helpful aid to maintain proper hygiene standards

A walk-in bathtub is an option seniors should consider to help them live in their homes in comfort and safety.

Marteny: There are many ways to reach out to Okanagan seniors

Regular readers of my column know that I am passionate about caring for seniors.

Marteny: Preying on vulnerable people

Unfortunately, fraud will be with us forever. Even more unfortunate, fraud is usually aimed at our most vulnerable people, which include seniors.

Marteny: Safety fair helps enhance quality of life for elderly

The Seniors Outreach Services Society will hold the annual Seniors Safety Fair on Thursday, June 16, from 9 a.m. to noon.

Marteny: Documentary part of health care forum

On Tuesday, May 17, a 30-minute documentary film, called The Remaining Light, will be presented by the B.C. Government and Service Employees’ Union.

Marteny: Seniors can’t simply rely on neighbours when supportive living becomes needed

I often have seniors tell me they’re able to still live in…

Marteny: Long-term care insurance policies are worth looking into

Since I am involved with seniors and the health care system to the degree I am through my company, Seniors Consulting, I am concerned about getting long-term care insurance.

Marteny: The need for understanding

Families need to realize that the behaviour of their aging parents may change.

Marteny: Facing declining vision

Seniors who are single and have vision impairment may be hesitant about moving into supportive housing. 

Marteny: Addressing a difficult decision

It’s a decision that all seniors should think about in advance: Do…