Shelley Nicholl

Nicholl: After HST vote it’s all about the Liberals holding on to power

I think we know why our premier, Christy Clark, was so ambivalent about whether she would call a fall election when the HST results came in.

Nicholl: Expert tactics for handling household wildlife

As I was driving home, I heard the familiar tone of a new text message coming in.

Nicholl: Tax A or Tax B? Taking an interest step for democracy

This week I looked carefully at my ballot asking me if I wanted to “extinguish” the HST and go back to the good old days of the PST and GST.

Nicholl: ‘Gradding’ season offers challenges for teens and parents

When my 18-year-old daughter asked if she could go to a no-clothes party, I thought that’s taking things too far.

Nicholl: Doomsday prognostication was another shot in the dark

On Saturday at 5:45 p.m., two 13-year-olds (one mine) were parading through a campground near Rock Creek warning people about the end of the world.

Nicholl: Coming clean on house chores

Few people know I was trained as a professional cleaner.

Nicholl: Novel trinket for Zsa Zsa should make husband #9 an ex

So, Zsa Zsa Gabor may have another child. I’m so happy for her.

Nicholl: Predictions about the federal election campaign fallout

I’m going out on a limb and predicting what will happen in this federal election.

Nicholl: Inevitable decision to take elder’s license

When my dad was almost 80, I noticed sometimes he struggled to focus when looking for things. I asked my never-go-to-the-doctor dad when his last eye exam was.

Nicholl: Searching MySpace just took on new meaning

We'd all prefer it if extraterrestrials turn out to be dumber than us.

Searching for MySpace takes on new meaning

Last week, NASA scientists announced they had found some new planets out there somewhere.

Knowing when it’s time to leave

One of the most important decisions a leader will make is when to leave power.

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