Susan Steen

Steen takes spy thriller over steamy hype job

I enjoyed this one. It’s certainly bloody, but it has a charming lightness amongst the crazy world of killing and mayhem…

Steen: Double header movie review

Mortdecai "truly awful" while American Sniper good for is special effects.

Steen: Not much action in Mockingjay 1

There are a few fairly boring scenes, but Hunger Games—Mockingjay Part 1 a good two hours and will keep its loyal fan base.

Steen: Get extra popcorn to hold you through Interstellar

Not even a space movie buff like me thought this way too long film offered anything spectacular.

Steen: The November Man

Pierce Brosnan still worth ogling, in gritty spy film The November Man.

Steen: 100 Foot Journey could be best of the summer

There are stories within stories here as life’s layers blend and the characters weave the many facets of their hopes and dreams…

Steen: Full on brain power

Johansson’s acting ‘superb’ in girl-power film Lucy.

Steen: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

What is quite incredible is the technology used to bring this to the screen and I can’t begin to fathom what filming must have consisted of.

Steen: Take the gang to see Jersey Boys

Eastwood took the whole cast to Belleville’s Steven Crane Housing Project to shoot exteriors of the old neighbourhood.

Steen: Jolie so wooden you risk splinters

While there are a couple of charming moments, this is not a show with any depth.

Steen: Latest X-Men delves into the characters

This X-Men has a lot of suspense, drama, surprises, and two hours of action, time travel and shape-shifting.

Steen: So-so Amazing Spider-Man

The special effects are off the charts as are the chase scenes and the make-up for various characters is awesome.

Steen: No spectacles required

This film likely won’t change any minds…but it may start a dialogue…

Steen: Costner does his thing in Draft Day

This show will appeal to men and woman as it’s about sacrifice, healing, negotiations, surprises and making tough choices…

Steen: Movie Review: Dog tale for light relief

The four of us who were at Sherman and Mr. Peabody last Saturday's late show, clearly had nothing much else to do.

Steen: The Crash Reel is honest, unapologetic and quite unforgettable.

The message is multi-faceted—life can change in a heartbeat, but therein lies opportunity.

Steen: Americans take the credit saving masterpieces

There were many men and women from a variety of countries…involved with finding and returning these stolen works of art.

Steen: This Frankenstein should be avoided

I say don’t waste your valuable time and money on this one, unless you want an hour and a half of soul-sucking boredom.

Steen: Pine not totally believable as Ryan

The danger inherent in the film is that the plot doesn’t match our reality so I was not ‘on the edge of my seat.’

Steen: Scenery and Hobbit action

This second in the movie trilogy sees Bilbo, Thorin and the rest of continuing the journey to reclaim Erenbor from Smaug, the dragon.