Amy Dixon is a Registered Nurse and is the Patient Care Coordinator of the geriatric medical unit. (Mark Masterson photo)

Amy Dixon is a Registered Nurse and is the Patient Care Coordinator of the geriatric medical unit. (Mark Masterson photo)

40 Under 40: Amy (Amanda) Dixon

A special honourary mention of the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce has launched its “40 Under Forty” for 2020

The Kelowna Chamber of Commerce has launched its “40 Under Forty” for 2020.

This is the Kelowna chamber’s sixth year of searching for the city’s high achievers and bringing their stories to the public.

“In the past months, hundreds of healthcare workers and first responders responded quickly and willingly to the unprecedented challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. They have had to change their daily routines and time with their own families, cancelled vacations and other plans, and missed out on activities at home with their loved ones, homemade meals, and a sense of normalcy.

While many of us are staying safe and healthy at our own homes, we are thankful for our frontline workers who are confronting new risks from this virus at work, while keeping our community safe and sound. We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all of our frontline workers, both under and over 40, you are our saviors and thank you so much for serving our community and protecting us. Your sacrifice is greatly appreciated.”

Dr. Eric Li, Associate Professor, Faculty of Management at UBCO and previous Top 40 Under 40 Honouree.

Amy (Amanda) Dixon has been a pillar of the Kelowna General Hospital family since 2006. Part of the first graduating class from UBC Okanagan’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Amy moved quickly into a role with KGH shortly following graduation. She is now a Registered Nurse and is the Patient Care Coordinator of the geriatric medical unit at KGH.

Amy has worked full-time at KGH since May 2006 in various roles, mainly in a leadership capacity. She has served the hospital in many positions; from frontline renal-medical nurse, patient care coordinator of various units, hospital shift coordinator, and unit manager. Through all of these positions, she has shown a true passion for patient care and personal development. S

he loves to push herself professionally and try new roles when the opportunity arises, “I feel like it’s important in life to push ourselves out of our comfort zone and try new tasks and have different responsibilities. It has helped give me insight into all the hard work that occurs on so many levels here at KGH.”

When the COVID pandemic escalated in Kelowna, Amy was requested by the hospital’s administration to step out of her current role and assist with various COVID site operations. She helped to develop, implement, and supervise KGH’s COVID entrance screening stations, central supply of personal protective equipment, and re-deployment of hospital staff during this critical time.

Amy has lived in the Kelowna area for close to 30 years, now residing in the beautiful neighborhood of Lakeview Heights with her husband and two young daughters. She enjoys being able to share the neighborhood with four generations of her family. Her elderly grandparents have lived in the area since the 1960’s, and her parents moved to the area in 1990, and now her children get to grow up in the same area. “It’s really a blessing for all four generations of my family to be in such close contact and be able to support one another as we do.”


What started your career in healthcare?

When I was applying for university programs, I really wanted to focus on entering a program that had in-demand and guaranteed employment upon completion. I was happy to get accepted to UBCO (Okanagan University College at the time) and I didn’t have to move away from the Okanagan to attend.

Upon completion of the program I was able to secure full-time employment at KGH. Nursing was the perfect fit for me as I consider myself to be quite a caring, calm, and practical individual (personality skills that are a good fit for a nurse). I am so lucky to have attended nursing school with such a great group of people and some of these relationships have turned into everlasting friendships. Nursing means working long, challenging hours that can make one feel isolated at times, but with the support of these long-time nursing school friends, work colleagues, and family, I face any obstacle.

What part of your job do you enjoy the most?

I love working with patients and their families to support them through their health challenges. My patients have inspired me in so many different ways. Nursing is one of the most inspiring career paths one can take, filled with people who, despite their disease, injury or condition, are able to stay strong and fight disease regardless of circumstances. Being a nurse is such a challenging, yet rewarding career – I am always learning new skills that have transformed both my work and personal life. Nursing is an ever-growing career path, filled with opportunities to advance in seemingly countless ways. I also really love to mentor and coach junior nurses who are just entering their careers.

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