40 Under 40: Danielle Walker

40 Under 40: Danielle Walker

The Kelowna Chamber of Commerce has launched its “40 Under Forty” for 2020

The Kelowna Chamber of Commerce has launched its “40 Under Forty” for 2020. The chamber is now calling for nominations.

This is the Kelowna chamber’s sixth year of searching for the city’s high achievers and bringing their stories to the public.

BDO Canada LLP will make up the independent panel of judges.

Danielle is an entrepreneur who is passionate about business, education, and leadership. She is the co-founder of Amplify Ringette, a school designed to help athletes reach elite levels. The school is designed to foster the cornerstones of athlete development – ambition, determination, and dedication. Danielle believes that many important life lessons and skills can be best taught through sport in which she wanted to provide further opportunities for young athletes in the area. Danielle is actively involved in the community and is honoured to be able to use her knowledge and experience to make an impact.

Danielle is the Co-Founder of Kelowna Community Helpers, an online platform to coordinate community efforts to help those most in need during the COVID-19 pandemic. The group empowers people to help people, individuals requiring help and can post their needs allowing community members to respond by offering support. As a leader, Danielle helps provide community members with a way to connect. Through the group she encourages neighbours to help neighbours and professionals to use their skills to help us navigate the pandemic, she also helps facilitate the generation of new ideas and future initiatives.

Danielle also volunteers as the project manager for Enactus Okanagan College’s CANsave program. CANsave is a national financial literacy program for children in Kindergarten to grade four. The program teaches children how to distinguish good debt from bad debt, how to save for the future, and how to save to help others in need. In 2019, she contributed to this initiative by developing a new learning module — CANsave for Unique Learners — an adapted financial literacy program for children with diverse learning needs. As a mom of a child on the Autism spectrum, Danielle knew firsthand that not all children learn best in the same way, and she wanted to use her skills to make a difference.

Danielle recently co-founded the Nourish Families Initiative, a non-profit program that teams up with local restaurants to provide nutritious meals to families in need. When customers support our local restaurant partners by purchasing from the weekly menus, the restaurants then pay-it-forward by supplying a meal for a local family in need. The program is designed to help generate revenue for local restaurants, while also providing healthy meals to local families who are struggling.

Danielle has her Business Administration Diploma in Accounting from Okanagan College and graduated with distinction. She is a student ambassador and is currently working toward her Business Administration Degree.

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