Morgan Decksheimer

40 under 40: Morgan Decksheimer

The Kelowna Chamber partners with BDO on the Top 40 Under 40

Meal Prep for You (MP4U) was founded in 2014 as a complimentary service for clients who Morgan Decksheimer trained at Global Fitness.

Without any culinary background, he was determined to impact the health and wellness community. Since then, Morgan and his team have scaled Penticton-Kelowna-Kamloops, into Alberta. His favourite accomplishments achieved at MP4U is the culture within the company.

Having the ability to build an ecosystem of individuals who may not have started with the same dream and goal as himself but now support and share the vision equally is gratifying. Second, MP4U have many outstanding partnerships, the impact is most noticed with their partnership at Kelowna General Hospital and their annual donation to JoeAnna’s House in collaboration with Keith Relief.

MP4U is relationship-driven and look forward to utilizing healthy food as their main contribution to leaving a lasting legacy in the Okanagan.

All Morgan’s leadership experience was achieved through sport. As an underdog, he got very good at empowering and building confidence in the individual who lacked the natural ability and had to lean on practice and built confidence. Those skills have paid dividends while doing a business start-up.

MP4U has partnered with Keith Relief to ensure its impact is felt across the Okanagan. JoeAnna’s House is the place their reach and resources have been best utilized.

Healthy food for families in distress or recovery. Only fresh food is served, so with that comes the risk of expiry dates.

They don’t advertise, but they give away meals to community fridges and around town regularly. Morgan believes that just as every successful small/local business in smaller communities, the volunteerism is often just a formality to staying connected in the city.

MP4U says yes to just about every donation in the form of money, food, GC when it’s supporting another local business or event.

Morgan’s highest formal education is his high school diploma. His most challenging and applicable education is learning that thoughts are things, and if you genuinely want to accomplish your dreams, you need to know how to back faith with action.