Philipp Reichert

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Philipp Reichert is the director of global engagement at UBCO and a proud alumnus of the campus.

Originally from Germany, Philipp is an experienced international educator with extensive experience living, studying and working internationally in the Netherlands, Germany, Canada, and the USA. He is involved in a number of volunteer roles with the Canadian Bureau of International Education, Association of International Educators, the Association of International Education Administrators, AMSSA, and as a member of the Central Okanagan Local Immigration Partnership Committee along with involvement in community activities.

Philipp currently serves as the co-chair of the CBIE National Immigration Advisory Committee and holds a doctoral degree in educational leadership.

Before joining UBC, he worked at the Rotterdam School of Management with their International and Executive MBA programs, and prior to that, at The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies in the Netherlands.

At UBCO, Philipp is responsible for bringing an intercultural lens towards high-impact decisions that support students from around the world. As a strong advocate for international students, Philipp meaningfully amplifies the needs of students by serving as a mentor through the CBIE International Network of Tomorrow’s Leaders, influencing policy changes with the Canadian government through his role as co-chair for CBIE’s IAC (since 2020) and leading the design and implementation of the CBIE International Students and Immigration Education Program for advisors employed at public and private language schools and post-secondary institutions across Canada (in 2015).

Philipp is often called on as a subject matter expert, frequent facilitator, and presenter to work through national and international challenges. Most recently, Philipp co-designed a series of agent-focused programs for the Government of Saskatchewan (2021-22). Philipp is also a member of the AIEA Senior Advisors Program and Membership & Awards Committee.

Philipp is also involved in community activities that are focused on welcoming newcomers to the Okanagan Valley – from leading transition and support-focused initiatives to involvement with the AMSSA BCSIS working group to support newcomers. Philipp contributes to the international education community through his volunteer positions, including membership and leadership of CBIE’s National Immigration Advisory Committee during COVID-19. As co-chair of the IAC, Philipp has worked closely with stakeholders from across Canada, engaging in conversations with IRCC that have resulted in significant policy shifts for international students. Outside of professional involvement and volunteering, Philipp enjoys a busy family life with his wife Elysia, and his five-year-old son and toddler twin boys.

Philipp completed his doctoral studies at the University of Calgary with his dissertation focused on the internationalization of higher education, specifically the nexus of government policies, institutional programming, and international student career transitions. He co-published a chapter in the book Multidisciplinary Perspectives on International Student Experience in Canadian Higher Education. He received his Master’s degree with honours in International Relations from Universiteit Leiden in the Netherlands. He holds an RCIC designation in Canadian immigration law and BA from UBC’s Okanagan campus in Political Science and History.

His commitment was highlighted by the CBIE board’s decision to award Philipp in 2016 with the CBIE North Star Award for Emerging Leadership in International Education. In September 2020, he received the UBC Staff Award of Excellence for Global Citizenship as a result of his involvement within UBC, the local community, national organizations and governmental agencies.

In 2021, Philipp was awarded the Harold Josephson Award from AIEA for his doctoral research.