Accelerate Okanagan’s CEO steps down

Accelerate Okanagan has retained the services of LoveHR, a Kelowna based recruiter, to assist with the selection of a new CEO.

The Board of Directors of Accelerate Okanagan regret to announce the resignation of Pilar Portela as Chief Executive Officer.

“I wish to personally express my sincere appreciation to Accelerate Okanagan’s clients, partners, and community advocates for their support,” said Pilar. “In allowing me to disrupt the technology scene with ideas, programs, and services, I believe there has been a positive collective impact that has enhanced the growth of the Interior’s technology community.”

In her 14 months leading Accelerate Okanagan, Pilar has worked together with many community leaders and stakeholders in various capacities.

“The board wishes Pilar all the best in her future endeavors and is very appreciative of all her hard work and contributions this past year,” said Accelerate Okanagan board chair, Simone Brunton. “The board has expressed its full support to the staff and we are confident that the organization will continue to thrive in their very capable hands.”

Accelerate Okanagan has retained the services of LoveHR, a Kelowna based recruiter, to assist with the selection of a new CEO. In the meantime, Accelerate Okanagan’s Board of Directors has appointed Raghwa Gopal as the interim CEO.

“As a co-founder of the very first tech company in Kelowna, I have been very passionate about Accelerate Okanagan since it’s inception,” said Accelerate Okanagan executive in residence, Raghwa Gopal. “I am very fortunate to step in as the interim CEO and support the very passionate and capable staff, most of whom I have been working with for the past few years. Pilar’s vision for Accelerate Okanagan, as well as the plans and strategies she’s already put in place, has created a foundation that will see some big wins in the very near future.”

“I am incredibly grateful to the Accelerate Okanagan team for letting me serve with them in achieving the goals and objectives of the organization,” Pilar said. “I truly believe the community benefits daily from the dedicated AO staff; they are strongly committed to assuring continued operations that provide effective services to the Okanagan’s tech community which will continue long after my departure.”

Pilar will be relocating to Rossland, BC to expand her software development firm and consulting services; she will proudly continue to volunteer in the growth and solidification of innovation in BC’s Southern Interior.

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